Love Laughs at Andy Hardy

Love Laughs at Andy Hardy

Andy Hardy goes to college after returning from World War II. He is in love with Kay Wilson this time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (mx) wrote: On a par with the film it is a prequel to. Looks good with a nice fantasy storyline.

Da A (br) wrote: An interesting try to show the role of the "International community" in the breakup of ex Yugoslavia. Probably there is some truth in it (economic interest, military lobby, NATO, etc.), but the documentary is far-stretched in explaining historic facts from within ex Yugoslavia. Causality between most of the events is misinterpreted and even though the movie points out the power of propaganda in conflicts, its intention and the way it was produced is not far from propaganda. A poor try of allegedly independent author and other individuals participating to present the answer to "why it happened".

Chelsea S (jp) wrote: Great documentary! One i could see over many times.

Barb B (jp) wrote: Not bad... Bit strange.. but not bad.

Fay C (us) wrote: This was one of the most FUNNY movies I have seen in a long time time. This is the missionary movie of all missionary movies!

Angelo M (kr) wrote: Fino ad ora non mi ero perso nulla...

Evan H (ag) wrote: this movie is amazing! the whole cast delivers! the storyline is intriguing as well as the script!

Marcus M (it) wrote: In the past ten to fifteen years we've seen the horror genre take some very bizarre leaps, moving away from the stereotypical slasher film and monster movies to torture porn ( SAW and Hostel) and scientists with God complexes turning humans into freakish creatures with half-assed backroom fever dream procedures( Human Centipede franchise and Tusk). As strange as these films are they've been very successful for straight to stream affairs, and the SAW franchise did enough box office money to make seven movies. What I'm saying is we have a morbid curiosity for strange horror, partially for the film itself but also to try and figure out what inspired these filmmakers. 1973's "SSSSS" offers a look at what may have inspired some of the most ludacris horror flicks of the past decade."SSSSS" follows Dr.Stoner (yeah), a scientist obsessed with snakes. We see him sell a failed snakeman early in the film to a carnival leaving the Dr. to find a new subject. A college professor colleague lends a student named David to assist Dr.Stoner. David is too dumb for his own good; as Stoner immediately injects him with an "innoculation" ( without asking specifically what it is) that we later find out is king cobra venom. ( Why this turns David into a snake instead of killing him is anyone's guess.Stoner doesn't say he augmented the venom).David begins flirting and making advances toward Stoners equally dim and unassuming daughter Christina,but David soon begins changing. He sheds his skin, hes constantly cold(cold-blooded), and begins growing scales. After Stoners final injection, David.....Well I'll let you guys find out for yourselves.There's plenty of bad dialogue, and cheese-tastic moments( like the Python they keep giving whiskey) I won't ruin those for you. This movie is two hours long and while there are ALOT of mono/dialogues about how snakes are misunderstood; the actually science shown early on in the movie is interesting(like watching animal planet), and the plot is silly enough to keep you entertained. There are some "WTF" moments in this film that are funny and disturbing at the same time. So get your friends together to have a blast, and remember. Don't say it. Hiss it. Ssssssssssss3/5

Patrick F (ru) wrote: More miss than hit, but there's some okay stuff scattered in here, "Little Toot" being the best by far.

Maliq F (kr) wrote: Surprisingly, I liked this movie quite a lot. I don't celebrate Xmas but the family stuff is there. The movie is complicated, heartwarming and filled with memorable Christmas songs.