Love Letter

Love Letter

When exchanging letters two women discover new things about a deceased man they used to know.

When exchanging letters two women discover new things about a man they knew. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin R (kr) wrote: The picture quality was so bad that is was like watching the film without my glasses, so blurry. Plus, who in their right mind would selfmutilate or kill themselves just because someone dared them to. So twisted.

Cameron W (ca) wrote: The best Robot Chicken Episode.

Nicole M (de) wrote: As an anthology, I'm rating with an average. It's a good show for discussion afterwards, though parts were kind of boring. Interesting, worth a gander maybe.

Richard S (it) wrote: With any luck, the English title will attract and confound some young Slipknot fans. Only then will the term "rentboy" have any chance of entering the midwestern mallcore vernacular. Unfortunately, Nolot's unflinching film will probably never gain a large audience- even in gay community. This appears to matter little to him. This is more an exercise in near-masochistic self examination and soul searching. Although it is not entirely autobiographical, it takes a great deal of courage to reveal your worn body to the world as he does. He is refreshingly self deprecating and matter of fact about his characters' reliance on expected inheritances, empty, family-less existences and desperate attempts to cling to their pasts."Before I Forget" is essentially plotless, its strength lies in the well observed daily routines and its decision to use truly human characters instead of the trite caricatures so often found in gay-themed film. It's not a film to love, but one to keep in the back of your mind as your own twilight days begin to loom. Will you or I be able to lurch forward with the same quiet, public dignity as Nolot? Only time will tell.

kylie (it) wrote: i luv it,it is sooo fuunyyy

Julie G (ru) wrote: The plot and acting wasn't so great, but the ghosts were. Reminded me a little of 'The Shining' as one spouse sees a ghosts and slowly goes crazy while the other remains sane and ignorant almost all the way up to the end. Creepiest moment for me was the ghost that came down the stairs. Although, some of the best moments are just seeing doors slowly open or shut with only dark shadows beyond. It will make you jump at least once.

Mike V (es) wrote: Love this movie! Can't believe it is 15 years old.

Michael D (ag) wrote: funny, fun and very interesting

Griffin W (it) wrote: Fun, stylish crime comedy. True, I will admit it is a bit crowded and the plot is a lot to take in on the first viewing but with repeat viewings it becomes a great watch. Great dialogue, funny twists and turns, and overall a blast of a British crime comedy. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is "Great!"

Bradley H (ca) wrote: This is pretty much a reverse version of Pretty in Pink, with pretty redhead Eric Stoltz stepping in for pretty redhead Molly Ringwald. The plot is virtually the same, although I like this one better because Stoltz is better than Ringwald, Leah Thompson is better than Andrew McCarthy, and Mary Stuart Masterson is way better than Jon Cryer.

Philip H (ca) wrote: Sadly, the film's soundtrack and pacing cover up a truly interesting plot and good casting. If I had to pick one crappy film for a remake, this would be it.

Tyrone H (it) wrote: Old film but i've only just seen it. It's intense, thought provoking and well acted and paced. There are a couple of recognisable performances from Australia, with an excellent Bryan Brown, as ever. It is Edward Woodward who really holds the attention though. I'd forgotton what a good actor he was. I'd even forgotton he was a film actor becuse he was best known for the excellent Equaliser. The best complement i can give it is that it made me go and read about the Boer war and that gave me a greater appreciation for south african history and the part that we, amoungst others, played in it.

Rinaldo H (ca) wrote: Funnier and more intense compared to its predecessor, Sanjuro plays more on comedy and the wit of the titular character while gives him a room to grow.

J D (ru) wrote: lived it, so no thanks (I'd rather stay sane then ...)

Brian L (it) wrote: I saw this, but I don't really remember...

Joshua L (gb) wrote: Ever Want a reason 2 hate Mormons, watch this!

Tom M (de) wrote: Thou shalt not judge lethal weapon by Danny Glover. Uhh this actually looks pretty awesome.