Love, Math and Sex

Love, Math and Sex

A highly intelligent teenage girl has an affair with a 40-year-old man.

Sabine, an adolescent girl with a gift for mathematics becomes involved with Jiri, a 40-something man-of-the-theatre from Prague. The story of their relationship and the gradual ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pam R (it) wrote: full of laughs! actually loved this movie.

Laurel S (de) wrote: It came on tv..... I thought it was okay... action/romatic.... same old stuff tho.

John T (mx) wrote: I couldn't tell if I liked it or hated it. I blame everything on those pesky kids. Do not let my review deter you from seeing this film. A lot of people thought it was great and maybe if I could have rid myself of applying logic to peoples actions during a zombie apocalypse and watching in parts I would have enjoyed it too. I did think part one 28 Days Later was very good.

Liam M (br) wrote: The pinnacle of the Disney Renaissance - mature, beautifully animated, fantastic soundtrack, strong of heart. Tarzan encompasses everything Disney does right. And is destined to forever be its most underrated, precious gem.

Kenneth L (es) wrote: This is a pretty good detective movie, but feels like it could have been more. You would think it's a comedy, given that Ben Stiller is on the poster, but it's really just a straight mystery. What comedy there is comes from Bill Pullman, in one of his better performances, as the eccentric detective Daryl Zero, whose methods are more than a bit like those of Sherlock Holmes. He starts off the movie funny and goofy, but by the end just seems kind of normal. Sadly, Ben Stiller is just playing second fiddle to Pullman, and plays the whole role straight and understated. It was made in 1998, so Stiller wasn't yet the household comedy name he is now. I think if they made this movie today the roles would be reversed, with Stiller as the funny guy and Pullman as the straight man, and it probably would have at least been funnier. They get involved in a mystery that, while it does have some surprising twists, turns out to be somewhat mundane and ordinary. It was written and directed by Jake Kasdan, the son of The Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasdan; it has a bit of visual style and better than average dialogue, but still doesn't break out of its genre that much. It's an ok movie, but not as special as I thought it was going to be.

Marissa K (de) wrote: Having not read the stories that the film is based on, there's always the niggling worry that I'm missing something. However, with Short Cuts, the film is so thoroughly engrossed in its characters that it's difficult to believe that anything was left out. This is a film that feels like it was made to be viewed in film school. It feels like it's the movie that Magnolia and Crash would look to as their starting points. It's meticulously controlled chaos, due to Robert Altman's masterful touch. Famous for his large casts and layered dialog, both of which are at work here, he also manages to get the performances of a career out of some of his actors. The actors that are already great, shine even brighter, bringing a vibrancy to the weird and seedy side of suburban L.A. While the overall narrative may lack coherence, by which I mean, as a first time viewer 20 years after its release, I was expecting there to be some sort of grand intersection of characters to inject a kind of decipher key to the storytelling, each tale stands out on its own, odd merits. There's a perfectly drawn out tension to each tale, that's almost imperceptible until you realize you've let out a sigh of relief when some of the stories come to rather sedate conclusions. For those that don't there's a sense of vindication for realizing you've been put on your guard.But even then, the twists and turns go by with an almost muted normality for this almost foreign world, as if asking "what else did you expect from a world that poisons itself?" If only we could all feel our own every day moments of life as poignantly as we're encouraged to feel the characters' moments in this film.

Daniel T (it) wrote: Extremely violent, painstakingly graphic, and horrifically gory. Man Bites Dog (which is the U.S. title) is a satirical film which makes a mockery of the statement that violence in the media generates more violence within its viewers. Although it's difficult to watch, it's an important film in cinema history because of its controversial content and one period from which it came from.

Kenny M (br) wrote: Pretty cheesy. Nothing theatrically special about any of it.

Logan M (au) wrote: It's rigid, but is just clear enough to get its point across.

Jocelyn L (br) wrote: Ugh. For a 1980s slasher flick with a promising (though not entirely original) premise, this was just plain boring. Be forewarned that the cover is entirely misleading: Nobody is killed with a cheerleading baton. This is quite unfortunate since that would've been AWESOME and made this movie worth watching. Rah! Rah!

Lariste K (ru) wrote: pseudo-classic film, features great costume and photography from the seventies era crew, instead of the slick, commercial-appeal look of 80's action and fantasy era pictures. As has been said before, film flirts with distinctly fascist overtones throughout - eugenics, the breeding of an illiterate warrior class, fundamentalist cults, quotes from Nietzsche on the power and dominance of strength. The film's great score and visual style aren't really matched by it's lead though, as Schwarzenegger is unable to bring much drama, pathos or depth to his role as an orphaned warrior child seeking revenge. Really, the most emotive sequences are created by the films soundtrack and stylized set pieces, and there's not much of a story arc to build the film into a legitimate "epic" ala Lawrence of Arabia. Oliver Stone who wrote for the movie envisaged a series of powerhouse action-fantasy films appearing every two-three years with Schwarzenegger as the lead, but the series was followed by a garbage sequel, additionally, the fan base ridiculed Arnold's dialogue and acting chops, giving him a Razzie or whatever it is for worst actor of 1982.

Lorin F (br) wrote: pretty bad. but worth it for the horrible clothes.

Vtor M (fr) wrote: Born to be Wild, fazes a tua prpria cena no seu prprio tempo. deves estar orgulhoso de seguir o teu prprio destino, deixa de lado os que vivem num tempo diferente e constri o teu prprio destino ... vive|||

Michael T (us) wrote: One of the crowning achievements of the silent era, a tough and tender love story.