Love Me Again (Land Down Under)

Love Me Again (Land Down Under)

Women leaves her true love, ranch and family to go to Australia to support her family.

Arah (Angel Locsin) dreams of a better life—different from the life she knows in Bukidnon. Ranches everywhere are closing one by one. The glory her hometown once knew was slowly disappearing in favour of life abroad, particularly in Australia. Arah believes this too. Australia will save them from poverty. But Migo (Piolo Pascual) does not share this belief. He believes that Bukidnon’s glory will return if only people didn’t leave. Migo is Arah’s first love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marina A (de) wrote: David Trueba's story about an English teacher who travels to meet his idol John Lennon who is filming in a town down the coast, is cute but nothing ground breaking. I found some of the drama cringe worthy and beyond the fact that for 2 hours, I thought I'd passed into some alternate universe in which both Natalie Portman and Brent Spiner were Spaniards, I didn't care for this. That said, it's worth noting that the crowd I saw it with ate it up.

Sair W (nl) wrote: this should be a required documentary for everyone

Graeme R (kr) wrote: It's football iznit, I'd probably watch it.

Connor D (gb) wrote: "Clerks" is a fine comedy by Kevin Smith in his directorial debut. The film follow a man named Dante and portrays his day in the life of being a store clerk. It is a fairly simple plot with plenty of chaos.I must start off by saying that I liked this film, but I didn't find it as enjoyable as I hoped for. This is my first Kevin Smith film and it may just be that I haven't quite yet warmed up to his style and humor. However, there were plenty of laughs as well as lovable characters that at least make me say I found this movie to be a good time. If you think this movie is for you, check it out. 6.8/10

Robert H (de) wrote: Voices From Beyond is very much a murder mystery with sprinkles of the paranormal and aspects of horror mixed in to give it a wider audience. As a murder mystery the film plays quite well. Where it tends to flouder is in the paranormal and horror aspects that are thrown in without really needing to be. As much as Fulci likes to have zombies, Voices From Beyond didn't need them... and yet there they are.This is not Lucio Fulci's greatest piece of film but it's not something that should be thrown away and buried like a dead carcass. While it is a mixed bag... there are still many good elements to be enjoyed. And as much as the horror elements were pointless to the film... I still enjoyed them.

Bob W (fr) wrote: Sanitized and sappy, very loosely inspired by true story film of the real life Boys Town. I felt Rooney gave an emotionally charged great performance, while Tracy as Father Flanagan is understated and resolved.

Sally A (gb) wrote: The movie was ok, but lacked something... I really didn't like it as much as the second one. There were some parts that were funny, but then later, I got bored.

Erik M (au) wrote: Anyone well versed in arthurian legend and the history and lore surrounding will appreciate this film. The realism is far superior to anything that has succeeded this film, and the research that obviously went into the story line is amazing.

Brad S (au) wrote: I always enjoyed this B-movie. it has a great cast with Bill Pullman, Oliver Platt, Bridget Fonda and Betty White, and also a twisted sense of humour. it is somewhat similar to "Tremors". Don't take it seriously and you'll have fun, it also has gorgeous scenery.

Fong K (de) wrote: An elegiac rumination of a child soldier on the loss of his boyhood and his reluctant turn as a warring beast is made poignant by memorable performances from Abraham Attah and Idris Elba as the titular comrades-in-arms.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Looks like I will be one of the few people who liked this when so many others hated it. It is cliche at times, but it also has moments where it feels genuinely authentic. It isn't funny enough that I would classify it as a comedy, but it still had enough heart in it to keep me interested.

John B (au) wrote: Denzel does hokum in a very silly mystery that involves Jennifer Beals in a blue dress and a whole bunch of leaps of faith in plot.