Love Me Tomorrow

Love Me Tomorrow

Three years have passed since Elling moved to town together with Kjell Bjarne, his roommate from the institution at Brøynes. Elling now lives on his own in the apartment. Kjell Bjarne has ...

Three years have passed since Elling moved to town together with Kjell Bjarne, his roommate from the institution at Brøynes. Elling now lives on his own in the apartment. Kjell Bjarne has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Love Me Tomorrow torrent reviews

aan r (fr) wrote: singing?musical ke?not interested

bein me is what i do best (de) wrote: love this movie its my favorite

Caitlin L (ru) wrote: Really funny movie!!! Such an amazing actor. Robin Williams is fantastic in this movie.

Deborah R (de) wrote: this movie is super crap. it could have been way creepier but it wasnt. very dissapointed

Dylan C (ca) wrote: This movie is heartwarming and beautiful. Made on next to no money, it still manages to take you to the future. This film will make you cry.

Josh A (jp) wrote: Who does not love this classic. What a set by Monroe.

Suman B (jp) wrote: i love maine pyar kiya.

Lotti K (fr) wrote: One of my favorite movies from childhood and a hilarious time-capsule of the 70's. It probably benefitted last night from being watched after A*P*E, but I got a lotta yuks out of it 30 years later. "Children of the night... Shut up!" Classic!

Philip E (nl) wrote: Kevin Bacon makes you wonder how far you would go for vengeance and to protect your family.

Mani M (nl) wrote: greg is good actor, seldom acted as a guntoting person

Ben S (it) wrote: This entertaining Western doesn't have anything substantial to say, but it sure is a lot of fun.

Kyle G (kr) wrote: The better of the two prequels.

Mark B (nl) wrote: Gwyneth Paltrow in the role of a woman scared to have the same disease as her late father Anthony Hopkins had. Basically a good drama that was transferred from a play to the big screen. This has all the elements to be an excellent drama. John Madden who has directed several excellent films before is just perfect to handle this cast and this story. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of go or movement in Proof. Excellent acting by the whole cast and honestly nothing that should be lacking. But for this feature, there seems to be something lacking to keep the flow and rhythm on an even keal. I have a feeling the script writer of the original play should have altered or added to the story. I guess it is just a misfire of transfer from one medium to another. I will say that I did enjoy the movie. If you've gotten this far in my short review, there was just something missing to make it a great movie. I wish it had been.

Yasachandra B (ru) wrote: You cannot close your eyes for a second while watching this movie. The fascinating memory of Oldman, the perfect deception by Robert, the fake love and the awesome dialogues woven together by an intriguing story, this is THE recipe to make movie that touches the core of a viewer's heart.

Harry W (kr) wrote: Featuring a complex premise and led by Robin Wright, The Congress sounded like a most unconventional experience.One of the most unpredictable films I've seen in a long time, The Congress is a film which never follows a predictable route for a second. The Congress is a feature which puts its focus on concept rather than content, revolving around the idea of a world in which actors can completely download their identities to a computer database and become computer-generated performers. Considering that in the modern day we are progressing towards that with reconstruction of dead actors such as Marlon Brando in Superman Returns (2006) and Paul Walker in Furious 7 (2015), there is realistic social commentary to embrace in this. This plot element ties the story together while it progresses through dynamics such as Robin Wright's son dealing with Usher syndrome and her later journey into a part of the world which is completely animated, a world where Robin finds out she can be turned into a substance for anyone to turn themselves into her. The path of the story unravels to reveal plot points beyond the wildest imaginations of viewers, for better and for worse.As the surrealism begins to grow in this sequence, the feature progressively becomes more and more complicated to the point that it pushes the limits on having a convoluted edge. With the influence of a Stanislaw Lem novel as a key supporting factor to the second half of the film, the philosophy of the film is rich. However, Ari Folman's ability to tie it all together is not of the same standard. When the film reaches its animated segment it becomes psychadelic, like a contemporary example of some of Ralph Bakshi's more twisted works yet with higher quality animation. Alas, the sensibility in it all is not of the same standard. The Congress becomes so concerned with churning out a collection of surreal twists and turns that it forgets to make a genuine effort to actually develop its story. It's clear where the story starts but where things actually end are difficult to decipher as there is no actual path that it follows, rather just becoming a convoluted collection of psychedelic scenes loosely strung together by some form of narrative. It is a challenge to figure it all out because the characters discuss the animated world as if it is a mere hallucination, implying that none of the events occurring in the world of Abrahama are actually happening within the context of the story. One of the themes in the film seems to b the idea of questioning reality, but there is a fine line between questioning reality and getting just plain confused at anything that rears its head in the story. The Congress serves to question the concept of identity and make social commentary on scientific development of human desire over human needs so there is certainly some brilliance in the script, but the better aspects of the writing find themselves buried beneath a heavy surplus of ambiguous metaphors and philosophies that exceed Ari Folman's narrative grasp.However, the refinement in the animation is magificent. Evoking a classical feeling of animation yet using contemporary detail for colour and special effects, The Congress remains a spectacle of visual magnificence. This allows Ari Folman to explore a complicated and extensive universe without copping the expenses of production design fees. The man is internationally recognized for his animation talents, having earned an Academy Award nomination for his animated Israeli war documentary Waltz with Bashir (2008), and he brings it along to The Congress. Retaining a very small budget yet creating an endless supply of imagery rich in colour, The Congress is a product of pure visual magnificence with animation which is just unforgettable. The musical score helps to keep the atmosphere rich during these scenes as well, so the experience is brilliant on the eyes and the ears.And though viewers may struggle with the narrative, the cast most certainly does not.Robin Wright delivers a brilliant leading effort. In her finest big screen performance in years, Robin Wright perfectly encapsulates her character simply due to the fact that she is playing herself. She reacts how she naturally should to every situation and approaches everything with a sensible level of realism and humanity. Despite her strengths, she is clearly a very vulnerable character who emits a sense of regret and loss for the wreckage of her past which later develops to become more confused and melancholic as the film goes on. The twisted nature of the story is not a challenge for Robin Wright to keep up with as she keeps her emotional state tied into the mood of the narrative at every turn. Her effort is as strong during the live action scenes as it is in the animated ones because she carries much of the dramatic heft simply though the quality of her voice articulation. Robin Wright's role is a courageous one because it challenges her to tear into herself for the sake of a fictional narrative, and she manages to bravely take all kinds of criticism and insults without ever reacting in any manner beyond realism. If it wasn't already made clear by her Golden Globe winning performance in House of Cards (2013-present), then The Congress is a true sign of just how much Robin Wright still has to offer as an actress.Harvey Keitel supplies a strong supporting effort due to the intense chemistry he shares with Robin Wright where he makes a strong effort to drill into her and harness her vulnerability for the sake of the narrative. He speaks with enthusiastic confidence and sophistication with a tenacious understanding of the meaning in the script. He only has a small matter of screen time to establish the full extent of his character but he takes it all the way without remorse and makes a strong stand. Harvey Keitel's dramatic charisma has proven not to have dropped in the slightest in his many years of performing, and The Congress stands to gain a strong benefit from it.Paul Giamatti's brief role is also rich with charisma.The Congress offers a lot of thought provoking themes and impressive animation as well as a compelling lead performance from Robin Wright, but its surrealist concepts are not tied together which leaves them to flail all over the place without a consistent path.