Love Me Tonight

Love Me Tonight

A Parisian tailor finds himself posing as a baron in order to collect a sizeable bill from an aristocrat, only to fall in love with an aloof young princess.

A Parisian tailor finds himself posing as a baron in order to collect a sizeable bill from an aristocrat, only to fall in love with an aloof young princess. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex S (us) wrote: Not as ambitious as Impolex or funny as The Color Wheel, Listen Up Philip is nonetheless more polished than both and consists of Alex Ross Perry's typically cynical and acerbic wit.

Jim L (mx) wrote: I didn't know this story, but can connect with it as someone that enjoys shows like America's Got Talent and The Voice. This was a well told story.

Paul K (fr) wrote: It was a pleasure to watch this understated but high quality drama, with two excellent actors at its core. Harvey throws caution to the winds as his job falls out from under him, and the fabulous Emma Thompson aka Kate Walker comes into his sights. He is a 'loser' who no longer wants to lose, and she is a weary traveller from one disappointment to the next. Very touching and largely credible.

Eric L (it) wrote: A romantic comedy about Claire Jameson, a fashion photographer who find herself stranded on the way to her wedding in Aspen. It is basically about how sometimes things don't work according to our plans, how surprises may change our life. Starring Jennifer Grey

Ratih A (fr) wrote: Great movie. Very touching, romantic, and tragic. A must see for those who love a romantic love story.

michael b (au) wrote: a rough but humble film

Nilanjana R (mx) wrote: If you like a room with a view you will love brideshead revisited.fantastic performances from Matthew good head,Hayley at well and of course emma Thompson,picturesque setting,haunting music and a superb screenplay only add to the attraction of this delectable period drama.definitely a must-watch.

Troy A (it) wrote: A wild and crazy ride!

MItesh S (mx) wrote: AB's Best Movie Till Date... he cannot get better than this

Mr D (ag) wrote: A bit tame for a cannibal movie but a good watch. Great to see Michael Sopkiw as a good guy.

Blke W (ru) wrote: A classic eighties kids muck about flick, for the brat pack leigions of followes 'goonies','the breakfast club','the lost boys'. ..'thrasher' was of a similar nature too only on four wheels as the eighties 'pig' or 'fat' skateboard deck took over the more festive form of travel these guys promoted. NoT a gang movie with an awesome family type film.Some unreal stunts for its time, I think I saw my first full 360 loop off a ramp, this was the shit

Jonny P (br) wrote: "Escape to Witch Mountain" is Disney's take on the sci-fi novel of the same name. Like many of Disney's classic live-action films, it is family-friendly but less impressive than the studio's animated output. The studio obviously believes in this story because it spawned a sequel and two remakes. It is interesting but lacks the energy of a Disney musical, so don't expect "Mary Poppins." The special effects are a bit underwhelming when compared to today's standard (or even "Star Wars," which was released two years later), but it gets the point across. The film actually might be too scary for its target audience if it were any more realistic. It also has a good nostalgia factor so parents who enjoyed the film as children will likely enjoy it more than new viewers. The film is well-cast with a few Oscar-caliber actors (Eddie Albert, Ray Milland) and two strong child actors (Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann). Their dialogue successfully creates curiosity about the mysterious background of the kids from start to finish. "Escape to Witch Mountain" is a humorous sci-fi film that can still entertain kids today, but it probably isn't a film that will hold the attention of an adult watching without their family.

Darryl M (de) wrote: You have no idea how incredibly entertaining this movie is. I'm serious, and so is this movie.

Ben H (au) wrote: Lang's last American film, 'Beyond a Reasonable Doubt' is unusually dull and predictable melodrama whose intentions ultimately appear mystifying (one can think of the recent 'The Life of David Gale'). This might be down to interference from the Hayes Production Code at the time, but I think it's also to do with Douglas Morrow's screenplay. Does the film have a genuine statement to make about capital punishment, or is it actually about misanthropism? It's message is murky, and comes off as a cop-out.Dana Andrews is great, though, as usual, but the plot boarders on the elaborately unconvincing and trite, and lacks the dramatics and dynamism that had inhabited many of Lang's past works.

Frances H (kr) wrote: Great cast in a charming, family and romantic comedy that really showcases Steve Carrell. Pleasant watch.

Tony K (it) wrote: It's odd. I really wanted to see this movie. finally got around to it and I couldn't finish it. Not because I ran out of time but it bored me so much I stopped and gave up on it.