Love on the Run

Love on the Run

Antoine Doinel is now more than thirty. He divorces from Christine. He is a proofreader, and is in love with Sabine, a record seller. Colette, his teenager love, is now a lawyer. She buys Antoine's first published autobiographical novel. They meet again in a station...

Antoine Doinel is now more than thirty. He divorces from Christine. He is a proofreader, and is in love with Sabine, a record seller. Colette, his teenager love, is now a lawyer. She buys ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Love on the Run torrent reviews

Curt S (gb) wrote: Happened upon this movie on Netflix and had a fun time watching it. :) Definitely recommend it.

Devon B (us) wrote: Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

Sinead G (kr) wrote: This film could off been a realy great film...but sadly lost the plot half ways throu and the end... well what was the ending? not worth watching

Aaron M (de) wrote: Nothing new from Ben Stiller, and a very small role for Eddie Murphy however this is a decent watch with an interesting premise for a comedy. Its entertaining and quite funny too.

Itamar G (es) wrote: he falls in luv and so do the moose

Kym c my community profile R (it) wrote: ONLY reason I rented this.. Christian Kane from Leverage (aka Lindsay from Angel) is in it. & being I'm going through some what of withdrawal from some of my shows ALREADY... I figured maybe if i watch someone from one of my summer shows I'll be ok. A Love story of course. The main guy in it is an reporter that's an idiot. & Chris plays the new guy in town. Oh yeah should I mention that the buttheaded reporter accidentally spills the beans ON LIVE TV his GF is a Virgin.. This was kinda cute & sweet I'll go for a C on this one,

Bianca W (au) wrote: This was filmed entirely in one apartment, and maybe the corridor.. Such a great cast, but disappointing, I expected more.

Jeffrey C (fr) wrote: I had seen this movie before but did not remember it until halfway through. That is how much of an impression it made on me.

Joel R (fr) wrote: Pam Grier at her kickass best. This fun, violent and raunchy film is worth watching for the hooker buffet foodfight alone.

James C (nl) wrote: Fassbinder's first film is cooler than cool, an icy study of three petty crooks who hang out, pose, keep their love for each other dark and secret and screw it all up for themselves in the end. The film is shot in stark black and white, with endless shots were not very much happens but a lot of unease goes on. But it's aesthetically beautiful unease. The bisexual tensions in the threesome are intriguing, and the steadfast refusal to elucidate the story in anything like a traditional or accessible manner is awesomely arrogant for a freshman film.

Becca W (br) wrote: This movie is too long with a less than compelling story.

Jake C (gb) wrote: 50's B movie classic.

Erik v (es) wrote: this might just be the most retarded and most stupid movie i have ever seen. its so unrealistic its almost hilarious. and all the fake stupid ''funny'' moments, are so fucking cringe-worthy.. i really tried to like this movie, but its really fucking terrible lol.

Wes S (ca) wrote: Overall it's a touching, drought-out film with the death of Superman. There is a lot that happens in the film, which makes the plot confusing and messy, and yet the script feels well written by the end of the film. There are plenty of action scenes, romantic moments, and fun bits. The ending is emotional and well played. It's a film about the last days of Superman's life, and in the end, it all works well as a film.

Brandon S (es) wrote: The news media is a peculiar entity in that they criticize violence and violent people under the allusion of "explaining" or "seeking to understand", yet they relish in that violence. Dead people means that the living left behind will have their TVs on for explanation or comfort. Those TVs equal ratings, which equal money. Advertisers want to advertise on networks that everyone is watching. Those advertisers bring money to the network, and how do you keep getting that money? By keeping those frightened viewers in search of answers.That's what Oliver Stone is satirizing here; he's not glorifying violence as he's been accused of. In fact, he's condemning it by way of condemning the news media that relishes in it.That is why I think that this film inspired the Columbine killers, contrary to popular belief in the artistic community. I believe that it was them seeing the fame and recognition that Mickey and Mallory received that inspired them. The media makes killers famous, and the two boys from Columbine high school wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, knowing that they would be studied, pondered, and discussed forever. Looks like their mission was a success.

Gav R (nl) wrote: why so low score? the ending is ridiculous... check the mirror crack on the playback, it's not there so makes no sense of flashback

Greg W (ru) wrote: good restoration of this a pic silent.

Thomas E (ru) wrote: Ooh, I liked this one. Particularly for the scenes of Roy Castle blowing hard voodoo riddims with the legendary Tubby Hayes. And Fluff Freeman wrestling with a plastic pot plant.