Love... & Other 4 Letter Words

Love... & Other 4 Letter Words

In this warm-hearted romantic comedy, Stormy La Rue, a rising star T.V. Talk Show host in Philadelphia must dig her way out the hole she creates by telling an innocent white lie. Stormy's ...

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  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
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In this warm-hearted romantic comedy, Stormy La Rue, a rising star T.V. Talk Show host in Philadelphia must dig her way out the hole she creates by telling an innocent white lie. Stormy's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim L (ag) wrote: suspenseful until the final scene

Mandy C (ca) wrote: The best way to describe this movie, is to imagine this movie as an onion. It's really something simple, but what is interesting is the layers of complexity and suspense that will stings.The storyline is a very typical crime thriller movie, which to most is predictable and average. Many might not enjoy the movie as it definately is not some pow-wow original movie, but what impress me is the level of detailing of the story which really boils down to lots of powerful acting, emotions, character development as well as truth/factual details.It is to no surprise that Anthony Wong and Richie Ren manage to establish and wow the crowd with their acting, since both done this sort of character many times before. But what seems to interest me are the ladies. It's really interesting to see how Maggie and Candy both put up a stunning performance which really spills no beans about what's to come next.I'm torn apart as on one side, I really enjoy the level of details to the movie and the character development while the flat and shallow storyline really kills.

Greg S (kr) wrote: A music-hating, tone deaf detective from a family of musical prodigies tracks down a gang of musical terrorists staging disruptive performances across Stockholm. If David Lynch directed the Swedish cast of STOMP in an action-comedy, I think it would go a little something like this...

Arin S (gb) wrote: AMAZING film! A movie EVERYONE should see whether they themselves are in the military, have family or friends serving or not, a must see definitely sums this one up!

Jeff B (ru) wrote: Yet another overrated Guy Ritchie flick, though it did get better at the end.

Mandeep S (it) wrote: Sugar-free. This is a romantic comedy and Amitabh does NOT look out of place playing romantic lead opposite Tabu :)A nice warm story for the emotional types.

Juho H (au) wrote: Tosi hauska toimintakomedia ranskalaisesta gangsterijengist, joka saa keikan Chicagoon, mutta hrsii asiat pahemman kerran. Suosittelen!

Linh N (ag) wrote: I liked the rather dark twist on an old fairy tale. Modine and Sara had good chemistry.

Josiah C (kr) wrote: Never Been Kissed is unoriginal and uninspired, but Drew Barrymore's genuine acting performances gives it wings.

David M (it) wrote: 5 years after the original "hit" and this third instalment is funnier, more enjoyable and just plain better than the first 2 films - if you ask me. Still carries all that hyper banter from the original buddy cops that-are-easy-to-love with Leo still around for added laughs & ridiculousness. Introducing Lorna as Riggs's love interest was a great move ;). Also, even though it's a considerably old film it doesn't look or feel as timeworn as the previous films.

Christy H (jp) wrote: Stor of three brothers who hadn't seen each other for about twenty years traveling in a 1953 Cadillac Coupe e Ville to Florida. The car being a gift for their mother's 50th birthday. The differences between the three brothers and their growth through the trip is an interesting story line. It was kind of fun.

Evan H (br) wrote: This movie is pretty dumb but can't lie it brings a great '80s feel to it. Yahoo Serious makes this movie worth seeing for it's ridiculousness. His hair is simply outrageous!!

Orlok W (ru) wrote: A spoof of a Horror movie-with a comic twist--Cheesy Goodness!!

Corey D (ag) wrote: Criminally Underrated

Jackson C (nl) wrote: A tantalizing propaganda for socialism, and a prologue to the Cuban Revolution. The cinematography of the film is unbelievable for a movie made in the 1960s. Although the propaganda aspect of the film can be easily detected, it is done through symbolisms, inspirational narration and acting, thus audience would not feel the overwhelming political element of the film, and still be able to enjoy this work of art. The four parts of the movie culminates together to appeal to the entire population of Cuba at the time. However, the movie did drag on a bit in certain areas, and I believe it would have worked better if the sequence of the third and fourth story could be reverted.

Vinnie G (kr) wrote: His family suddenly - and brutally - encounters an unimaginable horror. He turns to the Police but receives apathy and procrastination for his efforts; this breaks him.The Hunter is set against the backdrop of the Iranian elections in 2009 and in a way the protagonist represents the change many Iranians were perhaps hoping for. Whilst The Hunter isn't necessarily a political film per s,politics is present within its DNA and motivates the story to become an allegory, of sorts, to political change; how people - flawed, miserable, frustrated people - go to work every day and find a way to care about something beyond themselves, despite themselves. When pushed to the point where one seemingly has nowhere to go and nothing to lose, is there an argument to push back and to what end?

Daniel M (jp) wrote: The story was average but it was entertaining and brought me back to the 80's for an hour and a half. 3/5