Love Shagun

Love Shagun

J.D., a young man is at an important stage in his life of choosing a life partner.Looking like a plain situation which all youngsters go through, JD is accompanied by an unusual combination of problems, one of a persistent pressure of marriage from his mother and second of the astrological predictions surrounding them. Caught in a fix, JD fights the battle with his three friends, Sandy, Sumit and Deepak who have their own definitions of love. All three friends try different solutions to get JD's life sorted and plan to find a girl for him whom he can divorce. JD in the middle follows all the tricks and plans and ends up meeting Tia, a modern and independent girl who follows her own mind. But much to their surprise, the story unfolds differently and JD finds himself in a larger soup than he had imagined. Between following his mother or his heart, JD is caught in a problem that does not seem to solve.

Love Shagun is a romantic comedy about seven different definitions of love where the definitions are the characters themselves. This film encompasses the menial insecurities of today's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vlad M (us) wrote: I hope this series goes extinct

AJ V (fr) wrote: I was mildly disappointed at Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. If your coming in here to see Knoxville and the crew hurt themselves, your sadly mistaken. This is a Jackass stunt gone into a film, as in Jackass: The Movie, Johnny and his friends put on facial makeup and go around, causing complete chaos pretending to be old men. The kid was annoying in the film, some of the jokes were stale and childish, and some others just fell flat. I think Knoxville tries a little too hard to shock viewers, and in some parts, he most certainly does, but some of these stunts and pranks just seem boring, and are not as entertaining or dangerous as the ones in the earlier Jackass movies. All of these stunts are crude, rude, and meant to shock. None of these are incredibly fun or dangerous like other Jackass stunts. They really did not need a exact plot, it should have just been Knoxville dressed as a old men going around doing dangerous, outrageous, hilarious, and old Jackass style stunts, not going around saying and doing shocking things right in front of people's faces. This film can pretty much be done as a vlog by anybody. Funny at times, but one of Jackass's worst entry's at least.

Matthew R (gb) wrote: i believe this film is worse than the fourth film the only thing that ties this to any paranormal activity film is Katie and micha what an unscary pile of ' (C)

Alyssa H (ag) wrote: A pretty predictable movie, with a few ridiculous scenes. The ending made it worth the watch.

Natalie M (ca) wrote: The concept of the movie had so much potential to be great but it turned out to be quite disappointing. All the way through you are waiting for something to happen that just doesn't come. The movie is only on for just over an hour and 10 minutes of that is taken up by the bad guy, the 'Croatian', limping up some stairs. On a positive note, I like the fact that they didn't use as many cliches as they could have, for example, there were so many opportunities for people to be hidden behind doors. It also feels more like what would happen if this was to happen in a real life situation, so many thrillers are ruined by Hollywood over dramatising situations. Overall, very disappointing and increadibly slow.

Dyron W (kr) wrote: You would have to force me at gunpoint to get me to see this shit.

Siobhan M (ru) wrote: I thought it would have more comedy but it was simple and sweet, Just like America Ferrera.

Derek C (ru) wrote: plan bee sucks there is no way someone could posibley watch 40 seconds of it but i manage to watch the whole thing and you know what IT SUCKS ITS A WASTE OF TIME AND IF YOUR WATCHING U KNOW WHAT IM GUNNA CALL YOU!

Alex B (ag) wrote: I give it this high a rating because I love the subject matter so much. It's well edited and very funny, but it's not well-shot at all and, over time, I've come to actually hate looking at it.

Brian W (es) wrote: can u send me any movies ty

Steven F (ag) wrote: Caught this about a third of the way through and had no idea what was going on. Goldblum's performance is insane, but not really in a good way. Best part: Willem Dafoe's Nazi officer yelling "Vonderful!" and swinging a noise maker.

Nikos G (nl) wrote: one of the best comedy i ever see

Bheema D (kr) wrote: I applaud an unprecedented flood of originality exhibited in this film, but no matter how original you are, that doesn't mean it's a good film. This I would expect to be a student film without knowing who was behind it, because it focuses all of its energy on visual and narrative mechanics without actually bothering to give us more substance then a generic love story about two people we feel no need to route for, other then she's good at running and dyed her hair red.

Will D (us) wrote: Crap film, good action. The Bar Scene is one of the best scenes ever. See it for that.

Shayne J (es) wrote: I've never seen a Star Wars movie in my life, but these movies used to be my favorite movie sever. This isn't as good as the first one, but it is still generally enjoyable. Planning on re-watching soon.

David J (ru) wrote: 6 beers and a twisted sense of humor will make you love this movie. all others stay away.

Alex S (nl) wrote: Entertaining comedy drama with a great performance by Al Pacino.

Chrissy S (gb) wrote: Wendell Armbruster Jr (Jack Lemmon) fancies himself a hard headed business man who can thwart any obstacle - until he has to contend with Italian beauracracy and the flighty daughter of his father's mistress, Pamela Pigott (Juliet Mills). Directed by Billy Wilder and based on the stage play of the same name, 1972's Avanti! follows Wendell as he travels to the island of Ischia because his father has been killed in a car accident. Upon arrival he meets Pamela, whose mother had been having an affair with Wendell's father every summer for the past ten years. There is nothing funnier than Jack Lemmon playing indignant and he does it a lot in Avanti! Indignant that his life has been interrupted, indignant that he cannot quickly work through red tape to get his father's body released, indignant that his father was having an affair, and indignant that he has to deal with Pamela whose dingy personality flies in the face of every modern convention he holds so dear. But after a few short days Wendell's fish out of water character starts to see that life really doesn't have to be so annoying and the release he starts to experience is contagious to the audience. Filmed on location in Italy and with a superb but small supporting cast including Clive Reville as hotel manager Carlo Calucci, Avanti! runs a bit too long but atones for that with snappy dialogue, beautiful scenery, and a refreshing story that is sure to please.

Dave C (ru) wrote: I don't understand the praise for this one. It's a pretty generic Western, with the only thing different the music, but that gets really campy at a lot of points. It also mostly feels directionless and confused, with a very distracted plot. I get that they were riffing on history, but they took on too much while still folding in all the usual cliches. This is like a sad imitation of the Spaghetti Westerns with all the trappings of the mid century American Westerns... There's just not a lot of depth or complexity here at all.

Allan C (us) wrote: The Beach Party films are ridiculous, but for whatever reason, I find these films highly enjoyable. The films are absolutely corny, but it's somewhat of a fantasy world that I'd like to live in. If something like "The Purple Rose of Cairo" were to happen, this would be one of the type of films I'd like to step onto the screen into. That being said and my impartiality to these ridiculous films, in "Muscle Beach Party" Frankie and Annettee are back at the beach and have a feud with Don Rickles and his muscle beach business next door on the beach. There's also Little Stevie Wonder singing one number and the great Dick Dale performing another. Buddy Hackett plays a millionaire living on a yacht off the beach. You also get Dan Haggerty as one of the muscle men and Peter Loree in a cameo appearance. It's all pretty standard Beach Party nonsense, but if you enjoy these films, it'll deliver exactly what you're hoping for. Oh, and his is the only film in the series not to feature Eric Von Zipper and his biker gang.