Love Story

Love Story

Harvard Law student Oliver Barrett IV and music student Jennifer Cavilleri share a chemistry they cannot deny - and a love they cannot ignore. Despite their opposite backgrounds, the young couple put their hearts on the line for each other. When they marry, Oliver's wealthy father threatens to disown him. Jenny tries to reconcile the Barrett men, but to no avail.

Harvard Law student Oliver Barrett IV and music student Jennifer Cavilleri share a chemistry they cannot deny - and a love they cannot ignore. Despite their opposite backgrounds, the young ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tainara F (jp) wrote: PUTA MERDA, GENTE. Estou abismada que demorei tanto pra assistir essa obra-prima.

Laura F (mx) wrote: The only thing good about this movie was the popcorn and coke that I bought at the concession stand.

Jason D (kr) wrote: One of my top 3 horror flicks of all time! Excellent movie and acting

Monic T (kr) wrote: The end was so sad but I liked, because it had a deep meaning.

Mark V (es) wrote: Why are there so many sharksploitation films? There should be less sharksploitation films.

Michael A (es) wrote: a pedestrian montage of public-domain scare films that squanders an opportunity to say something meaningful about drug legislation as societal control, opting to go the "docu-lite" route instead. meh.

Cal (jp) wrote: "I thought you were destined for greatness. But now I see your destiny is to roast in hell with all the other rats who betrayed us!"Heavens above, Hong Kong cinema is awesome. To be fair, Hong Kong action pictures are never especially smart or original, yet they are nonetheless blessed with a solid entertainment value. This leads us to 1996's Black Mask; a campy, entertaining Hong Kong action extravaganza constructed around a plotline which ostensibly takes inspiration from 1992's Universal Soldier. If you like action served up with a good story and interesting characters to accompany, though, you're shit out of luck with Black Mask. Directed by Daniel Lee and starring action super-star Jet Li, the movie provides nothing but high-flying, old-fashioned action replete with blood, explosions, bullets, mayhem, and Li's martial arts expertise. It's a solid, R-rated guy movie.Tsui (Li) - or Simon, in the English version - is the product of a government experiment to create super-soldiers impervious to pain for an army fighting force. Once it becomes clear the soldiers are uncontrollable, though, Tsui and his fellow fighting machines are scheduled for termination. Unwilling to let his execution take place, Tsui escapes and adopts a new life as a meek librarian. One of Tsui's only friends is a police inspector known as 'Rock' (Wan Lau), who has started investigating a series of murders and attacks. As it turns out, these attacks are linked to members of Tsui's former unit (all of whom he thought had been decommissioned) who aim to control the underworld. When Tsui realises this, he springs into action as the masked vigilante "Black Mask".The plot is pure garble which you will not care about, and throughout the course of the narrative a lot of proverbial clichs pop up, including the obligatory romance with an annoying female who exists solely to be rescued. It's doubtful that more than a weekend was spent working on this poor script. When it comes to the action, however, Black Mask delivers with an adrenaline-pumping kick - the amusing comic-book violence and over-the-top, campy action scenes come thick & fast. Jet Li's speedy and flashy stunt-work is jaw-dropping. Added to this, the fights were choreographed by the best man in the business: Yuen Wo Ping, who went on to participate in The Matrix and various other action films. Ping outdid himself here with a series of breathtaking, creative and ultraviolent fights that must be seen to be believed. Since a number of the characters cannot feel pain, they fight ruthlessly when they should be dead.Li submitted a charismatic performance here, while Ching Wan Lau (billed as Lau Ching Wan) exudes a cool machismo as Inspector Rock. Added to this, Kong Lung is hysterical in his role as the commander - seriously, he's like an Asian Ozzy Osbourne with his yellow sunnies and long hair. Meanwhile, Daniel Lee's direction is adequate for this type of motion picture, and his stylistic camera set-ups captured the balletic fight choreography with consummate skill. Additionally, the film's campy nature is further emphasised by the cartoonish CGI. Equipped with (probably unintentional) hilarity around every corner, Black Mask is a blast, but it would be foolhardy to expect something to challenge your mental acuity.The greatest problem with Black Mask, though, is the trite plot and at times woeful scenes of exposition, yet the spectacular action should distract you from these shortcomings (it's also worth noting the film was dubbed into English for mainstream audiences, and the dubbing is dreadful). All things considered, Black Mask is neither gripping nor meaningful nor emotionally fulfilling. It was made to fill a niche and give action hounds a fix, and to this end the film delivers something satisfying. If you enjoy a loud, blood-soaked good time, Black Mask fits the bill nicely.

Jim H (kr) wrote: The daughter of a brilliant mathematician must convince her new beau and her domineering sister that she wrote an important mathematical document.We don't care about the proof, the film's main source of conflict; director John Madden knows few in the audience are smart enough to care about theoretical math and physics. So what's left? Proof has to compel us with the interpersonal drama Catherine's relationship with her dead father and her sister and boyfriend who grow to doubt her sanity. But from very early on, we know there's no reason to doubt Catherine, so we're left waiting for the film to catch up to the audience, and thus the film loses its reason to compel us to care about these characters. Gwyneth Paltrow, who conjures her Sylvia character in her depressive moments, occasionally gives us reason to pay attention to Catherine's struggles, but especially when she raises her voice, Catherine, in Paltrow's hands, comes off as annoyingly disinterested and unengaged with manic bouts of petulance. It's hard to like Paltrow, and it's even harder to be interested in Catherine. Overall, I found Proof to be structurally flawed, and the film's star certainly didn't shine.

Milla V (nl) wrote: Poltergeist lll nyt ehka oli katsottavin tasta trilogiasta, ehka ainoastaan klassikko-elokuvasarjan titteli antaa pienen syyn suositella tata.

Torion O (ru) wrote: Roughly equal to the first, though I'd say this one is more suspenseful, but only by a little.

Stefan G (jp) wrote: It's kind of a weird idea to turn an album into a feature film, especially when they don't feature all the songs (if you listen closely through the entire film, you'll notice that they skipped "Hey You"). As you'd expect, this is basically Pink Floyd's album "The Wall" as a feature film, complete with most of the tracks, though sometimes, they changed the order in which the songs are played. I can't help but think that changing order in which the songs are played kind of messed up the context of the story. There's little to no dialogue in the entire movie, and no, David Gilmour's singing voice doesn't count. On the one hand, this means there's no bad acting, but without any dialogue, there's almost nothing stringing the plot along besides the music and imagery. Ultimately, my biggest criticism of this movie is that you have to have listened to the album first in order to get it, and sometimes I still don't, and actually listened to the full album. It's not all bad. Gerald Scarfe's animation sequences are really good, providing inventive, rich imagery to the film. However, the only thing that would be better is if the entire film were animated. It's not that bad, but it seems rather inconsistent. In layman's terms, I'd stick to the album.

Chris J (gb) wrote: story was fairly accurate from what I have read up on the battle, but average is just about as good as the film gets. Mitchum's character is laughable - just a 60's anti war demonstrator dressed up a war news reporter

Kenneth L (de) wrote: This is such a weird little movie. It's got an interesting idea behind it, but suffers from lots of odd problems. Apparently the ideas about what Mars is like in this movie reflects what people really thought about it at the time, which is hilarious - this version of Mars has kinda-breathable air, water, and parts of it are randomly on fire all the time. Also, giant fireballs tend to just fly around for no apparent reason. But, I guess you can't blame the movie because nobody knew what Mars was like then. The movie isn't very well-paced, and drags at parts. The cinematography does a good job of trying to make the Rocky Mountains seem like Mars. The special effects are often laughably bad, and certain special effects shots get recycled so often that you wonder if the movie is just trying to mess with you. Paul Mantee is ok if a bit bland as the main character, and Vic Lundin does the best job he can as Friday, an alien who happens to look exactly like a human with a terrible hair cut. The best part of the movie is probably the monkey, who is always with the main character. It's not great, but it is an interesting artifact of its time, and you can see tiny traces of the infinitely better 2001: A Space Odyssey beginning to emerge here.

Daniel V (us) wrote: I gave this movie a B+

Aaron G (nl) wrote: The John C. Reilly show, in my opinion.

Chris B (gb) wrote: This movie really is before it's time. It came out in 2000 when comic book movies were not usually good movies, yet somehow M. Night Shyamalan was able to make a great cbm with non familiar characters. This film gets even better with the number of views. Mr.Glass and David are both fabulous characters. The twist at the end works on every level and makes complete sense. The score and characters are excellent. One of M. Nights best.