Love Story 2050

Love Story 2050

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With the help of his uncle, a man travels to the future to try and bring his girlfriend back to life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Love Story 2050 torrent reviews

Tammy G (de) wrote: The first one was great this one was ok . I will give it a four .

Hanna (br) wrote: This is the BEST barbie movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill B (de) wrote: A pair of filmmakers delve into the legend of a childkiller whose exploits have inspired at least a couple of films, and the results are pretty damned watchable.Well worth a look.

Sharon A (ru) wrote: Should be re-named Nightmare stay in Paris. I didn't have much sympathy for the character of Jack, but my lord, poor guy had a reason to complain about this short stay in Paris.I know the French have a reputation for being rude, but surely no one encounters that many rude and awful people in one brief stay in a city. I do understand his frustration though when everyone is speaking French around him, and he can not understand it, especially when a lot f the time it is his partner.

Chris R (fr) wrote: Watching this movie I felt like I was somewhere in France. Turns out this is a cheese factory not a movie about boxing robots in the future.The plot is ridiculous, not necessarily a bad ridiculous, but ridiculous nonetheless. But, whatever, robot boxing in the future, I'll give the creators the benefit of the doubt. Surely there is a visually stimulating film with a decent plot somewhere under that premise. Unfortunately, John Garins couldn't find it. It's a clich underdog sports story, aka Rocky, with some father and son bonding mixed in. The father, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman), used to be a decent boxer, now is in debt and a bum. There is bad guy who he owes money too. He also has a childhood lady-friend. She is just there so there would be a lady in the movie, no plot reasons really. Along comes the child he abandoned, Max (Dakota Goyo). They despise each other, but robot boxing brings them closer together, because when Charlie wants to give up, Max pushes him to keep going. There is also the defending champion robot and their evil (not really evil though, just snobby) creators.Every single thing is a clich and there are too many threads. Things like Charlie's past career are just mentioned in passing, so they don't really carry weight. The whole cowboy debt collector side plot was unnecessary past the halfway point of the movie. Also the robot is sentient sort of? Not really clear. And not really clear why it needed to posed as a possibility. And the whole dancing gimmick. Why? WHY?The worst part of the film is probably the dialogue and the kid. Sure, child actors are never great, but this performance was just awful. Or maybe he was supposed to play an incredibly annoying, unlikable kid. I guess that is a possibility too. Hugh Jackman's acting wasn't bad. But it doesn't help when every other line is him yelling at the robot to throw a punch. In fact, like 30% of the dialogue is just people yelling "Come on!", "Get up!" YEAAAAH!"Special effects are what you would expect from a rock-em sock-em robots movie, but considering how laughably bad the dialogue and plot of the rest of the movie is, it just doesn't matter

Matthew H (nl) wrote: 21 Grams is the kind of "jigsaw puzzle, one piece at a time" movie that is extremely risky and confident, but might not always pay off. Luckily, 21 Grams' emotional payoff is one of the best I've ever seen. It carefully skips clichs of the genre, and tells its story with explosive acting and expertly crafted screenplay. It has round characters who are worth caring about, and an ending that is completely satisfying. This movie is very underrated, and director Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu deserves much credit and praise for creating a well-meaning and powerful tale of redemption, loss, and sorrow.

Andrew M (es) wrote: Action-packed and surprisingly disturbing film that makes me weep for DC today. The terrific writing, attention to detail in animation, and Mark Hamill creates the perfect storm for an awesome batman movie. The writing, especially, needs to be put on a pedestal and should be better appreciated--now more than ever for DC. The disturbing Joker monologue (you'll know it when you see it) gave me chills and is highly underrated. DC's movies need this creative boost that will bring a smile to our faces.The plot loses steam in the third act and led me to question the logic but the other aspects of the film made me forget these flaws. I highly recommend this to those looking for a dark, fun batman movie.

Spit F (ru) wrote: i loved it!!it had "heavy metal" music,kick ass action,violence n not to forget chicks!

Terry Lynn C (gb) wrote: Story is a one sided story of a selfish self pitying man. worth seeing to open discussion, but I found him manipulative and loathsome in his self pity.

Brad S (gb) wrote: This was an entertaining film, a sequel to "White Lightning", not much of a story but it gets by on the charm of Reynolds and Jerry Reed. Worth a watch if you're a fan of Burt.

Origami C (ag) wrote: A light-hearted romance with the right hint of comedy. The very lovable characters make you really enjoy the film. It's a classic!

Lance C (au) wrote: What can I say? The best advice I got from film school is to listen to my wife.

Jason V (ca) wrote: Top 3 Christmas Classic!

Geoff H (de) wrote: I was expecting a low budget, poorly made film... but what i got was a well made, glossier than expected siege movie. The story could fit on the back of a postage stamp, and it's a real shame about that. But the lavish visuals, the gory fx, the sumptuous music, kinda make up for it. Not totally mind, but enough to make this film enjoyable to watch.

David V (gb) wrote: The joke was funny the first 3 times.

Angel P (es) wrote: My favorite musical by far. "I'm ever so sure".