Randy Bodek works as a pizza delivery boy at Senor Pizza to make a few extra bucks. Some customers are special, though: When the order is for a pizza with extra anchovies, it means the female customers are looking for some loving. "Loverboy's" reputation soon makes him very popular, but when Mom Bodek suddenly feels like some extra anchovies, things are looking grim for young Randy

College sophomore Randy Bodek is unfocused. The only thing he knows is that he loves his roommate, Jenny Gordon, who feels unappreciated as other things in his life seem to take precedent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vish G (kr) wrote: An insightful piece on fiat currency and its war on money backed by intrinsic value.

Ravan Florentin P (jp) wrote: reminds me of so many ppl

Keith M (gb) wrote: i don't mind movies like this but the acting was just so bad it couldn't be ignored. at least they could dance. nothing new in the story though

Sam C (it) wrote: It was actually pretty good for a WWE film.A group of seals go on a mission but get attacked and get framed and get left there to die while stuck behind enemy lines. When the team got framed they look for evidence to prove their innocence.

Claudio D (nl) wrote: O filme em si pode no ser l essas coisas, mas sua mensagem poderosa. Em dias que se discute se a mulher pede ou no o estupro e intolerncia religiosa, a histria sobre a queda de Alexandria e de Hypatia, uma mulher que desafiou a Igreja ao falar que a Terra gira em torno do Sol, aconselhvel a ser visto. A intolerncia religiosa sempre houve e sempre vai existir, h muitos cristos que condenam muulmanos e islmicos hoje, mas mal sabe que a origem do cristianismo foi bem pior que as intifadas. Bem, resumindo, um timo filme histrico.

Robert B (ru) wrote: All people who are rating this as bad are only stating their opinion. I personally liked it and cliches are not bad because they are tried and tested. A good cliche is better than a original act. You go to far outside the box you are bound to fail. In my opinion great movie with a Bourne twist.

Private U (mx) wrote: LOVED IT! A twisted romance movie with comedy, horror, fantasy and musical all mixed in. It was so good to see something fresh and honest. Brilliant!

Mary R (de) wrote: This was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. Don't even bother. Seriously.

Katrina M (us) wrote: 'If Deadpan were an Olympic event, then Kaurismaki would fall over at the first hurdle, break something, be hospitalised in a psychiatric ward through an administrative error, and then mistakenly test positive for nandrolone.' He's that sort of filmmaker. This is that sort of film. Oddly charming.

Marta R (it) wrote: This movie was all over the place... and didn't really hold my attention. As far as the topic, there are a bunch more movies that could do it justice...

Galvy F (us) wrote: When life is so precious, light and delicate like a feather it takes us places we least expect.

Kris S (nl) wrote: In 1992 Chow Yun Fat made the two greatest action films of that year, Hard Boiled & this awesome film directed by Ringo Lam. A tale of betrayal & revenge with great performances by Chow Yun Fat & Simon Yam with some awesome action scenes - the bullet cam stands out, this showcases Hong Kong Action Cinema when it was at the top of it's game. With a troubled release in the UK, there are various cuts of this film available due to the extreme violence & the butterfly knife scenes which were cut in a lot of the earlier releases, I believe that the Hong Kong Legends DVD is now the most complete version available.

Jeff B (ag) wrote: I haven't seen this movie in about 15 years or so, and I used to watch it a lot when I was young. So of course, I find the whole movie on Youtube and decided to watchit. Watching it again, it's actually a really bad movie with a horrible script and bad acting. The funny thing is, Most of the cast and crew is from Sweden, and I think all the speaking roles are done in ADR, so the sound (and acting) is pretty bad. However, this is one of Christian Bale's first films, so it's funny seeing him prance around riding on a horse and playing a flute and stuff. And of course, since there's an evil knight in the film it has to be played by Christopher Lee. But I really had to see this movie again anyway, I remember everything about it, the giant floating head, the stupid Legend of Zelda type tune they play on the flute, the mention of the evil Kato (which results in a Young Frankenstein Frau Blucher response, and for some reason Timothy Bottoms is the king. So, it's actually a very bad movie, but it was nice revisiting it.

Zachary Y (es) wrote: Murphy at his best. One of the most hilarious routines i've ever seen.

Augustine H (ag) wrote: Perhaps that's the film explaining why the French are not very fond of Catherine Deneuve, who has played a highly vicious and chilling woman.

Alailson B (nl) wrote: George Clooney acerta bastante mas tambm erra na montagem, mas o roteiro de Charlie Kaufman excelente e Sam Rockwell entrega grande atuao.

AW C (us) wrote: Although I wish the characters had more depth, this scifi western thriller is an entrancing and exhilarating film.