A French woman falls in love with a Yugoslavian man, not realizing that he is an illegal immigrant.

A French woman falls in love with a Yugoslavian man, not realizing that he is an illegal immigrant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wayne S (jp) wrote: One of the all-time great family movies from a much gentler era.

john j (us) wrote: Amazing movie that is very unique and powerful

FiV (ag) wrote: This film still watches well 16 years later, although when it came out it was so wonderfully outrageous. A mix of the West and the East - drugs and the old communist security office, all powerful 'UB' officers vs pitiful, easily killed police officers, slutty girls sleeping around vs. our perception of what perturbed undernourished orphans should be like... and so on.This film is built on very complex contrasts and that part is done superbly. Because it bridges a few different generations and provides a lot of witty conversations, memorable scenes, it's promotion into the cult-film genre was to be expected. However, for anyone outside of Poland, it would be at best difficult to understand some of the more complicated political nuances; for someone outside of the ex- 'Eastern bloc', it'd be almost impossible.

Melanie F (de) wrote: Really really bad special effects which actually makes it entertaining. Why they picked Stephen Baldwin as the leading man and to depict a scientist I don't understand.

Jonny B (ag) wrote: Captivating and flawless with an eerie score running throughout. A must see.

James R (es) wrote: A shady land developer tries to run a simple man off his land to build. He hires shrinks to declare him insane but the developers wife who is a shrink herself develops a friendship with Noah and discovers how uncomplicated his life is but also how much he cares for the things he should and what a beautiful person he is. The movie really has a great plot and is good but the ending is abrupt and it really takes away from the whole movie.

Shaun B (ca) wrote: One of those mediocre flicks that used to be on TV mid-day on Sundays that for some reason I would always watch.

Yuri B (it) wrote: This movie was a classic... can never be reduplicated or rebooted... this film will always be timeless.

Alina S (es) wrote: Looks like it will satisfy the kid in me. Hee Hee...