From an Alaskan strip club, a Hawaiian island, and the streets of NYC—revelatory stories emerge about a deeper definition of love.

After winning Tribeca's Best Documentary Feature Award in 2011 for her remarkable debut| Bombay Beach| and screening work-in-progress selections from LoveTrue at TFF
2015| director and cinematographer Alma Har'el returns with the premiere of her anticipated sophomore feature. This genre-bending documentary brings Har'el's
signature poetic imagery and fascination with performance in nonfiction to three complimentary stories that seek to demystify the fantasy of true love. Using an
atmospheric blend of follow-along footage| artful camerawork| and scenes depicting the past| present| and future of her subjects| Har'el follows three complicated|
real-life relationships as they unfold in distinct corners of the country. Alaskans Blake and Joel pursue a promising romance| in spite of physical limitations and
her stripping career. In Hawaii| free spirit Coconut Willie discovers another side of true love after realizing his son is not biologically his own. And
singer/songwriter Victory ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(br) wrote: A funny movie that challenges a lot of "sacred cows" in India... and even outside of India. Well worth watching.

I dont know w (br) wrote: Booklover11's Mini Reviews: This has got to be one of the funniest movies I've seen since Charlie Chaplin and The Blues Brothers. I'm dead serious, this is laugh out loud funny, great jokes, great animation, and it even pushes itself more to adults, with pop culture references and awesome comedic timing. I just want to name every single scene that made me laugh out loud in this film. Actually, I'm going to do it. The film's only 22 minutes long, I want to show how much I like this film by naming the most clever scenes in order:The Top 5 Funniest Scenes In This Film (5=Least Funny, 1=Most Funny)5. Younglings are returning from a field trip in space, where they come across Anakin Skywalker fighting an opponent in a space ship, possibly from Episode: III, where him and his opponent stop for several seconds just to have pictures taken. Nice and quick. How Funny?: 7/10.4. Yoda tells Han Solo to sleep in the stomach of a creature in Hoth, like in Episode: V, where a Droid immediately pops out of the stomach and get's shot by Yoda. Random, but funny. How Funny?: 8/10. 3. R2-D2 and C-3PO are captured by Jabba, and forced into fighting each other, and C-3PO says he can't fight his best friend, which is immediately followed by R2-D2 attempting to beat C-3PO senseless. Just hilarious. How Funny?: 9/10. 2. R2-D2 and C-3PO are about to enter the bar from Episode: IV, but R2-D2 shows C-3PO the scene from episode IV where C-3PO was kicked out of the bar for being a droid. Awesome reference. How Funny?: 9/10.1. This is a running joke that just made me burst out laughing, all three times. A regular scene happens, it's all fine and good, and then Darth Vader pops out, trying to get a cameo in the film. Each time, George Lucas (Character, not the actually George Lucas) walks onto the set and tells Vader "This isn't your Scene". How Funny?: 10/10.Well, I did it. All the scenes that made me laugh out loud, and this was only in 22 minutes, and there were some jokes I left out just because they weren't as funny, like Jar Jar's appearance, where he starts speaking in that weird accent, and only in 4 seconds, get's shot to pieces, with him screaming comically. That was the only time Jar Jar made me laugh. Seriously, though, this is a hilarious short, with several minor flaws, like the children characters/actors were kinda annoying, but I don't care, there's a funny joke every minute, so it's not that hard to watch those boring scenes. Overall: It's awesome. Recommended to fans of Lego and Star Wars, and children, as they'll definitely enjoy it as much as I did. 5 Stars.

Samra M (us) wrote: its a good fun movie to watch ... and i have enjoyed it every time i've seen it !!!

Chelsea d (gb) wrote: pretty much AMAZING. make sure you have tissues it's a tear jerker!

Bu A (de) wrote: I tried liking this, really I did. It felt view worthy on first screening, then I began questioning my judgment. There are so many impossible and unlikely scenarios, this reminds me of a good meal that won't stay down. There are just too many reasons not to take this film seriously. The acting is fine, but the script just, and probably the direction and editing, run this into the ground. So, I can give it a 60% on a narrow spectrum, but if your looking for a realistic crime drama, forget this... it just doesn't make sense. For example, the central character's doctor turns up so often at just the right times knowing all the facts, I began to think he might exist only in our character's mind. Nope, he was real all along. Made no sense.

Trina C (br) wrote: I loved this movie growing up it will always be a great one...

Lemme M (fr) wrote: Good movie to watch if you ever catch it running on HBO, I did. The use of the Jewish family stereo type kept me laughing as we as the main character Eugene who seems to have nothing but sex on his mind. All together it was a hear warming film and i intend to stop everything once it's on HBO again.

Mahogany B (ca) wrote: Good idea but not the greatest delivery. The ending is a total eye roller and the quality of the film just sucks. I've seen worse and this was not really all that bad. Great for a Christmas horror movie collection BUT not better than Silent Night Deadly Night in terms of Best Christmas Slasher Film. Sorry this wont own that title...

Andrew S (de) wrote: A great cast, but the story is not nearly as interesting as expected.

Clay B (au) wrote: ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS (1957)

William L (us) wrote: good story just wasn't enough of the story told acting was good end was good for a rental not bad