Loving Evangeline

Loving Evangeline

Robert Cannon manager for a large computer company, hit by one disaster after another - his brother's death and at the same time an important contract end up at his worst competitor. In the hunt for the leak he directs suspicion of beautiful Evie Shaw, but as he gets closer to her Robert realizes that he must choose between revealing Evie, or revealing his own feelings for her.

Robert Cannon has had two misfortunes befall him, his brother has been killed and an important project that his brother was working on has fallen into the hands of the competition. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan S (nl) wrote: What's as bad getting coal for Christmas is watching this crappy sequel with a real bad Santa.

Thomas P (fr) wrote: A great Superman film.

Bonnie S (au) wrote: Such good acting on both Tennant and Parish's parts. Really touching story.

Crystal W (jp) wrote: It was ok. Not the best made movie but I didnt falla sleep lol. So thats something.

Benjamin H (fr) wrote: Sensitive and insightful. The images are haunting...

Amelia T (au) wrote: Simply sublime. Brilliantly subtle details, so beautiful. heart-achingly so, with its quirky & very believably idiosyncratic range of personalities. One of the best films.

Luke D (gb) wrote: Well..a pure Aussie classic. With classic scenes like the cokaburra charity bucket robbery fight scene and lines like "I've had a longer piss than that.." it is hard to believe that you can find anything funny from an ocker since bonny doone and the Castle? Highlighted with supurb acting and a snap shot of surburban Sydney life in a newly formed society in a low to middle (questionable) class of living which makes you wonder why it doesn't happen more often with better planning, better luck and even maybe more success than the comedic ending. You don't have to be a South Pacific native to enjoy this one. But it helps. From your arch rival cousin from next door Senor Kiwi PS I am a Kiwi so cannot give it the full 100

Kim D (ru) wrote: Famous mostly for a scene in which a beautiful young ice skater encounters a killer armed with a sickle and wearing a hag mask on a frozen pond, Curtains is a cleverly written murder mystery in the slasher vein. There is a mature approach to the characters, and the best performance is delivered by the intense Samantha Eggar, who infuses just the right measures of bitterness and passion into her character. Curtains definitely knows its money shots, and a couple of murder scenes that could have been used for suspense are quickly glazed over, as if director Ciupka suddenly realised that he quickly needed to get rid of a secondary character he'd forgotten. After seeing the masterfully shot murder on the pond, having the killer suddenly grab a character from behind just before the camera cuts away is a little unsatisfying. That said, Curtains does not run out of steam. It progresses through some interesting character developments to a tense final chase, a revelation of the killer's identity, and concludes with a delectable plot twist. A quality DVD release is badly needed.

Petros T (es) wrote: Entertainment-wise it's absolutely perfect. Skillfully directed and edited, "The Cassandra Crossing" works magnificently as an adventure, the best of its kind. But it also operates as an allegory, filled with sentimentally charged scenes such as the one where the train is locked and quarantined. This is a powerfully epic and sadly underestimated cinematic jewel.

Cheryl L (gb) wrote: Jerry always kept you laughing in his movies.

Carabo P (mx) wrote: este s es un claro ejemplo... :-)))

Devon W (gb) wrote: Two entertaining stories, two flops.

Donnie B (kr) wrote: Dark, evil, nihilistic, and great