Lucifer Rising

Lucifer Rising

Egyptian gods summons the angel Lucifer - in order to usher in a new occult age.

Egyptian gods summons the angel Lucifer - in order to usher in a new occult age. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lucifer Rising torrent reviews

Mad M (au) wrote: What's the motto...."True love wins"?? well damn it does...that's wht the movie says..But it's not worth winning because the movie had tried so hard to justify that thought... Rachel pulled the plug from Dex when she left him out with Darcy who got between the two lovers and she fell in love with Dex. Then latr on rachel connects the plug and so does the story begin.. When you try to prove true love wins ...making it ethically cruel is not the way in my opinion. Darcy cheats for the first time in years...she falls into another man's arms so quickly.....she does feel guilty but she makes the same mistake again......Well to be honest the whole charactor thing with Darcy doesn't add up or the movie couldn't have been ended up the way it did.

Andrew R (kr) wrote: Crappy movie with no scares.

Curtis D (de) wrote: Beautiful and almost completely dialogue-free look at the Chartreuse monks. The film is set up with repeated title cards in order to give the viewer the feel of what a day in the life of a monk is like.

Jesse S (es) wrote: 3.5 for storyline, 2.5 for execution, 5/5 for kristen stewart

Luis O (gb) wrote: This version kind of bored me. Definitely not Whiterspoon's forte!

Countess N (gb) wrote: Put off seeing this movie for years just didnt fancy it but i watched it last night and i really enjoyed it.

Jamey D (jp) wrote: Okay, I have not seen this film (and it doesn't seem like I should) but I have seen The Nostalgia Critic's review, and one thing from that that I think we can all agree on is, even if you do find some enjoyment in this, one thing's for sure; those tilted camera angles will get very annoying very quickly.

Alicia B (mx) wrote: this is one of my favorite movies

Victoria L (ca) wrote: I thought this movie was silly and great in an absurd way. Some audiences may find it offensive but hey, enjoy as it is. (As a US American, I'm always curious to see how foreigners stereotype us.) This is a comedic satire and statement about the US and world politics. I must say that this film has the funniest performances by female extras. Just watch that scene with the French maid's death and the part where Mr. Freedom visit's the US Embassy. Also, the costumes are interesting.