Born lucky, Karim Moussa takes to exploiting it instead of focusing on studies. Now a wealthy gambler, he decides to recruit about a dozen lucky people to participate in a deadly game of survival.

An underworld kingpin instructs his honcho to recruit people endowed with 'Luck' from across the globe to take part in a series of games designed to test their 'Luck' factor, as gamblers around the world bet on them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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OliverTodd H (fr) wrote: Wasn't too bad, wasn't scary or anything but still stayed interesting. I enjoyed how they linked the first movie to this second and not just made it a whole new cast with no story link. If you've seen the first movie and somewhat enjoyed it, then this second will be worth a watch

Michael H (jp) wrote: Stellan Skarsgard delivers a masterful, understated performance as an ex-con desperately trying to stay an ex-con while attempting to connect with his son and his expecting daughter-in-law (who was told he had died, not that he was in prison). The supporting cast fills out the movie with grounded, believable, often off-kilter characters and much of the film has a wry sense of humor to it.

John S (jp) wrote: First Indian movie I watched. Really pleased.

Ken S (de) wrote: Solid Pixar effort, but not my favorite. It has a lot to offer, and is quite different from a lot of the other work Pixar has produced, but I wouldn't count it among their best work or one of my favorites. But it still has that level of quality we've come to expect from the studio. I did like the characters and the animation for sure, there was just something about it that kept it from being perfect.

CJ C (es) wrote: Wonderful, a failed marriage told in reversal. Relationships r a lot more then just attraction & sex & plans. Its that indescribable spark that keeps relationships alive. Ive only found that spark once.

Grifty G (us) wrote: Bo Svenson is McBain, who witnesses a mob murder and testifies. Robert Culp is the cop who keeps telling him everything will be alright, and keeps being wrong. A long portion of this film involves McBain going into witness protection, until he is found out and has to take the fight to the mob boss himself. A slow paced revenge film from the 70's directed by Bob Clark. Not by any stretch a "good" movie, but had its moments and was fun to watch. Notable for setting up the hero as a Judo teacher, but he never really uses any Judo against the bad guys. McBain!!!

Kush D (mx) wrote: The characteristic of Cassavetes' films (or the two that I've seen) that fascinates the most is the mystery of his characters. Gena Rowlands plays her role as the woman who seems to rationalise her insanity, similar to that of A Woman Under the Influence. The difference in the two roles is that here she seems to have more of an idea of what makes her so "screwed up" - her widespread obsessive love. I've a sneaking suspicion that Rowlands herself is slightly unhinged seeing as she plays the character so naturally through scrunched up face expressions of inner conflict and outward psychotic bursts. Cassavetes leaves us to decide exactly what is going on in her seemingly indecipherable mind. The character Cassavetes plays (Rowland's brother in the film) is equally as enigmatic: a drunk lost in the midst of sex, alcohol and money who also has a compassionate side to him. We are lead to believe he does not care for his son but one could argue that he is merely scared of the idea of raising him. We are even exposed to a madness he shares with his sister as he frantically tries to help her take care of the animals in the rain towards the end. Their love for each other and the connection between them established through similarities in their natures is beautiful. The frenetic ending in the pouring rain shattered me as Cassavetes concludes the film with a final, overwhelming image (see below) of him drunkenly waving away Rowlands and one could say his career altogether (this being his last "proper" film).

Fred M (ca) wrote: Desatinados cambios de direccin: al inicio parece que tratar acerca de la pasin de un tipo por una menor de edad. Luego se enfoca en el romance entre dos adolescentes poco carismticos y en el giro que da el tipo en su vida profesional y familiar. Al final la comedia se convierte sbitamente en un drama trgico. La inconsistencia en el tono y en la temtica me frustra. Eso s, hay un twist bien genial en el personaje de la adolescente sexy, as como en el del seor vecino. 5/10

jay n (ag) wrote: As Elvis movies go this lands squarely in the middle. Not a really good film like King Creole but hardly a piece of junk like Spinout or Harum Scarum. A pleasant somewhat nonsensical family entertainment with a strong moral sense, a few nice songs and enjoyable performances.

John B (fr) wrote: A gorgeously acted tale of a long married couple that is shaken by news from the past.