A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.

Human beings with potential abilities is always the mystery, and the challenge not only with the scientists but also the filmmakers. There were many works borned which were based on the inspiration about the mystery that the human was able to implement. With Lucy, the filmmakers of The Universal Pictures have continued lead the spectators into the new adventure of the intellect, action and thriller. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lucy torrent reviews

Mike B (fr) wrote: This movie fails, and the weirdness is not funny or profound. Plot...Where? It was very hard to watch the whole thing. Takes boredom to new lows. It was a marathon to make it through, but I did it to win some type of twisted, Pyrrhic victory. I am no better for it. And since I got it on Blu-ray, I can never watch it again forever.

Dan E (br) wrote: make a "D and A" test of this.

Romeo B (fr) wrote: A fun and educational children's film with a strong message about deforestation. Great viewing for the whole family.

Muhammad K (de) wrote: Not as good as the Odd Couple but even to watch this duo was amazing .

Lucas M (ca) wrote: Cannibal Holocaust pioneers the found footage filmmaking we've come to overuse. Yet social commentary the film tries to make cannot justify sheer ethical violations (gruesome/unnecessary violence, depiction of rape, harming and killing animals) it displays.I have regretted watching a lot of movies that have wasted my time (see Grown Ups 2's review), but never have I regretted watching a movie for it being too much to handle until this film. It is to be used solely to help inspire those looking into the horror genre, not to be viewed for pleasure or replication.

I dont know w (de) wrote: Doesn't look good enough for a viewing.

William W (de) wrote: A very unusual film which really exemplifies the fine acting range of Robinson, as he decides to give up gangsterism and its high life for the subtle rewards of joining a monastery and finding there's more to offer him from a life of solitude and serving others. A minor classic.

Kristal C (ru) wrote: Susan/Helga is the most annoying milquetoast character ever committed to film. Garbo is totally miscast playing such a knock-kneed rube who decides to become a hooker just because one man says she belongs in the gutter - yeah!! that'll show him, dumbass!. Moustacheless Clark Gable is pretty sexy and virile though - too bad he's written as such a douche of epic proportions.

Matthew D (fr) wrote: Iron Man is best when it strays away from the genre formula; such as taking a bad guy (or at least indifferent guy) and making him care, but without any of the angst or melodrama that often plagues the genre, and the reverse-gender taming of the shrew by Paltrow's long-suffering love interest. Sadly these strong characters are contrasted by a cackling, cartoon of an antagonist. The combination results in a highly entertaining first two-thirds, things fall apart by the third act, when the villainous plot comes to the fore and things become by-the-numbers, hammy and lacking in suspense.

Simon D (au) wrote: Bad movie and I don't mean bad in a Jacko sense. The acting in this is cringeworthy, as are the montage scenes when all these desparate stranded grumpy bickering destitutes suddenly pull together with big smiles on their faces winking and high-fiving each other. Truly awful. Dennis Quaid has become a sign of a bad movie for me.

Khaled H (ca) wrote: Nothing special about this film they just overused and abused the comedians as plan to have a worth watching movie but unfortunately it was a big waste of time

Iain B (fr) wrote: Big on budgetbig on nameslow on laughs

Ryan W (de) wrote: It's just the usual and at times very dull and ordinary cop film