Lullaby for Pi

Lullaby for Pi

A washed-up musician befriends a reclusive artist with an unusual name.

A washed-up musician befriends a reclusive artist with an unusual name. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rhiannon Mair W (fr) wrote: I watched the trailer and expected a real horror... This was NOT the result I had! This is literally the worst horror film I have ever seen, and I've seen some scorchers! Watched it with friends and we laughed at how bad it was! Whoever created this movie has lost a lot of money! NOBODY in their right mind would consider this slightly good... Don't waste your time watching this, I didn't think it could get any worse until I seen the ending! AWFUL!

charles s (de) wrote: stop.........just... STOP MAKING THESE SEQUELS!!!!!!

Ryan S (mx) wrote: Wow it got brutal at the end.

Niklas B (fr) wrote: really interesting Documentary, the amount of effort securities put in to hold Moore back from the banks is as much enjoyable as the enlightenment about the capitalistic-system not only the US-citizens are living in.

L Lourdes P (mx) wrote: Two very traditional young women from very different backgrounds form a beautiful friendship.

Ryan S (jp) wrote: 2.5/5. Not good enough to be a good movie, but not cheesy enough to be so bad it's good. It's entertaining in it's own way, but I wish they had gone even further off the deep end with Seed.

Graham M (de) wrote: The first half of the movie is an enjoyable drama as you would expect from Eastwood. The second half is somewhat farfetched science fiction with laughable attempts at convincing the audience that the actors are in zero gravity.

Zahra R (fr) wrote: Amazing movie, sucks I couldn't catch it in the theaters when it came out!Perfect Sunday Afternoon Thriller!!!!Bye Bye Boredom!

Heather M (br) wrote: This was a great movie. The ending was amazing and sad.

Eden C (jp) wrote: Could have been a masterpiece.

Yng Y (fr) wrote: Wide angle lens and creative shots accentuate the disorientation which mirrors the unstable relationship of the lovers.

Melody H (mx) wrote: Melody Hill Mohandas Gandhi is a Hindu man on a mission. His mission is to fight against the British Government who rule over his country and suppress his people. His goal is Freedom for him and his people no matter the cost. It is tale of good vs evil. Who will triumph? This is a movie of inspiration and one that will leave you looking in the mirror questioning your own morals and values. It is an autobiographical movie of Mohandas Gandhi. The movie Gandhi starts in reverse. It shows Gandhi as an elderly man in New Delhi India being executed in front of a large crowd of followers by what appears to be a young man of Indian accent. Then the movie goes back in time to 1893 in Southern Africa where we see a Gandhi as a young attorney. He sees what he calls injustice laws against Hindus, Muslims and other minorities and he begins to protest by burning the British passages or laws. The British police officers proceed to beat him with canes until he passes out and is later put in prison. The word spreads quickly of Gandhi and his non-violent protest. His believe is that, like Christ, you must be willing to take on violence without violence then the angry toward them decreases. This becomes the underlining theme of the movie. Once the non-violence movement was started in South Africa Gandhi went back to his home country of India in 1915. This is where he tried to unite his people against the British rule and led many non-violent protest to gain their freedom. Over 1500 Indians were killed at the hands of the British armies. After going to prison and court many times Gandhi finally led his people to Freedom, but the ones who united with him started a civil war amongst the Muslims and Hindus, which leads us to the final scene of Gandhi being shot and killed. With his death he created one of the largest religious movements in history.This is my second time watching this movie. It inspires me and has me look at my own religion in comparison. Gandhi was not just a Hindu but a God follower who accepted all religions. His teachings and the way he lived his life can be seen in other religions today. For example in Christianity we also teach that Jesus (God) was a believer of non-violence all the way to his death. It also speaks of fasting and pray to come closer to God and other Christians. Gandhi used pray and fasting in the same way. Gandhi lived as a minimalist. He made his own clothes, grew his own food, helped built villages and anything else he needed. This is similar to Buddhism, where they do not believe in worshipping material possession, but rather live as beggars. They believe this will bring them to an enlighten state. Overall, Gandhi has influenced a variety of people and religions through his movement.

xGary X (kr) wrote: This story of prisoners of war in a WWII japanese prison camp is based on true experiences, and is far more concerned with the harsh realities of surviving the terrible hardships of day to day life than derring do and cunning escape plans. George Segal plays a cynical hustler who seems far more adept at making the best of his predicament, and as such the other prisoners either ally themselves with or despise him. James Fox is excellent as the british officer who befriends him and humour and drama unfolds as the camps differing factions motives and hypocrisies are exposed. Best described as a cross between The Bridge On The River Kwai and Stalag 17, it is not quite their measure, but it's a damn good film in it's own right.

Matt M (fr) wrote: Disappointingly lifeless for a Bunuel film, regardless of the fact that in it he remains true to dealing with some of his favourite themes.

Heather M (es) wrote: Keir Dullea, gone tomorrow. But so adorable in his prime...

Connor S (es) wrote: While watching John Q, it brought back a lot of memories of Dog Day Afternoon. Both involve a hero that must do bad for someone he loves, the cops are called, the public worships them, and at the end, they get busted (spoilers). However, John Q is far, far worse. Denzel Washington and Robert Duvall are great actors, and they both give great performances. However, aside from them, the acting isn't that good. And the thing that truly makes this film bad is it's message and how it handles it. Now, let's look at something like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. That movie had a message, but it didn't just tell you, you had to figure that out. John Q, on the other hand, just blatantly says that doctors are evil, and blah blah blah. I really can't remember what the message was, it was that forgettable. Instead of watching this, I would recommend watching a movie with an actual message.