In this irresistibly zany, sharp-witted documentary, director Simon Ennis introduces us to an unforgettable group of characters whose obsession with the moon and lunar colonization has given birth to utopian dreams of truly galactic proportions. (TIFF)

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
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With wry humor and affection, Simon Ennis' "Lunarcy!" follows a disparate group of dreamers and schemers who all have one thing in common: they've devoted their lives to the Moon. From the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Lunarcy! torrent reviews

Casiano A (au) wrote: Mejor que atreverse a ver Juarasic Park vean este documental.

Jason K (de) wrote: Not enjoyable for audiences

Michael M (ag) wrote: Ultimately a film about the nature of value and how the universal meanings we place onto it can either be a gift to the soul or a robbery of the soul.

Himanshu G (us) wrote: Horrible. They did the exact opposite of everything that made the first one a super hit. too many actors for no reasons, stupid plot, lame jokes ... and the list goes on.

Hayden G (jp) wrote: The concepts are really cool, but this movie is inhabited by the most moronic characters who do nothing but scream everything at the top of their lungs the entire film. And every single time an infected person is seen, they stand "menacingly" still for about thirty seconds before lunging toward the camera. Every. Single. Time.

Jen M (ag) wrote: Good John Candy Classic! Ages 11+

maer c (gb) wrote: yeah,yeah i know im such an old fashioned person but who cares?i saw this twice in cinemax and i fell in love with the story =)

Christian G (es) wrote: Ah ha ha! Take that! Lenta como el estreimiento, pero escurridiza como la... bueno, ya saben. Vale la pena por su valor, mmm, Histrico?

Joby D (de) wrote: Starring Adolf Hitler? Really? Der Fuehrer came out of exile in Argentina to make this movie?

Kevin M W (kr) wrote: The fear of the inner city dirt and grit and slime exploited bigtime with this cautionary tale about a innocent and nave businessman (?!?) seduced into an affair that explodes in his face quite literally. Everyone performs okay, only wanting for common sense from the script in this okay thriller.

Nicolas B (br) wrote: Great performances and a truly amazing soundtrack. The message of the movie is pretty clear from the beginning on and it doesn't leave space for big surprises. That guitar theme though, reminds a bit of Hendrix "Little Wing", great.

Randy C (jp) wrote: Great plot, great acting. Good message and most of all special effects.

Karl L (nl) wrote: A good story, with a good message.

Brem S (ag) wrote: Not bad. A good start to JC's come back. Fans of JC will most likely enjoy this one :-)