Lune froide

Lune froide

Simon and Dede are best friends: two aimless drunks who spend their days getting sloshed and any other available time getting laid. Simon is living on unemployment benefits in a trailer ...

Simon and Dede are best friends: two aimless drunks who spend their days getting sloshed and any other available time getting laid. Simon is living on unemployment benefits in a trailer ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicolas J (fr) wrote: J ai vu ce film l annee derniere en France Et franchement c est tres mauvais sans aucun interet!!

Graham J (us) wrote: saw the first one,,bloody funny,,,need to see this one.

Gary T (jp) wrote: I was expecting the biggest ego to come from The Edge, but as much as I dislike U2 and praise Jack White .... he came off bit of an Egoistic **** ... neat flick tho.

Dean J (fr) wrote: Intended as a thriller but predictable and not so thrilling.

Roger K (au) wrote: Levde inte upp till sitt rykte, men visst r det en sevrd film. Bra fr att vara svensk.

Brandon P (kr) wrote: rotten tomatoes you guys suck you have no idea what good movies are

Brett C (de) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:My Neighbours the Yamadas seems like the type of film that I would rejoice as a perfect product from Studio Ghibli due to the ideas and subjects that it explores and how much it reflects with my own life. I am a family oriented person, my love and gratitude for them cannot be replaced with any other person or object. Without my parents, I would not be here and without their values, I would have grown up to become a different person. I cannot imagine myself as someone else, even if it means replacing the pain and trauma that I have suffered through. Isao Takahata's My Neighbours the Yamadas explores the common blessings and pitfalls of life and family-centred relationships, but a few minor issues prevents this film from reaching the peak of excellence that Ponyo and Princess Mononoke was able to deliver.The film was written by Isao Takahata, based off the manga authored by Hisaichi Ishii. I was impressed with Takahata's screenplay here, detailing such accurate, sprinkled with a dash of comedy, description of the life of a modern family. Though the characters are Japanese, their culture and values aren't on full display here but instead, Takahata emphasises more on the emotional aspects that are universally comprehensible. In order for the entire audience to empathise with the family, Takahata deprived the film of major crises events that would make their story unique; it would have defeated the purpose that he was trying to get across in this film. I was able to see so much of myself and my family in the Yamadas, dealing with minor issues that we struggle with every day. This film allowed me to become less selfish and start to empathise with my family's emotions as they too have their own personal difficulties and they don't need my own issues dumped on them. When my father would come home from work, maybe this time I won't spend more time viewing the television and instead use that time to discuss how his day was, this is only one example on how the film has impacted me. My problem with this film is that it runs about 20-30 minutes too long. If this film had a character driven goal that needs to be fleshed out in order to achieve it then an extended running time would be best suited but since this film is essentially plotless, then the running time should be much shorter. Its length also could pose a problem for the younger audiences as it would be difficult for them to get a grasp on the tiny details that make this film so effective.The film's visual style is quite different and certainly a step back in terms of detail but I was content with it as Takahata and his animators clearly wanted our focus to be on the family members rather than their environment. I am always pleased with directors choosing to experiment on a film's visual style as it allows their film to not only stand out from its competitors, but also to display a sense of artistic integrity that so many films, particularly animation, seem to be lacking these days.My Neighbours the Yamadas is an example of an animated film that takes risks with its narrative and visual style, yet giving off an overall feeling of accessibility and familiarity. I assumed by now, since I have seen most of Studio Ghibli's films, that there is nothing left in their belt that could surprise me, guess I was wrong.

Ajiliyah L (it) wrote: tales from the hood is good movie to watch

Cha t (ru) wrote: What a great movie. Duvall is great bbut Harris emotes much pathos as a man trying to hold on to something of his prime. Two odd-matched friends tooling arounf Florida. The bike trip on the 4th of July is my favorite part.

Kim C (au) wrote: Something about this film that I was immediately addicted to, it was like a book that I could not put down and have to reread it every time I pick it up.

Andrew L (mx) wrote: An artistic & imaginative depiction of society & it's prejudices

Johann M (kr) wrote: These two are a funny combo. The film is pretty entertaining and a good throwback to 90's police-action movies.

Jacob T (ag) wrote: This movie is awful. And it is not funny at all. Scary movie 2 is better and that movie stinks. Scary movie 3 is better and that movie stinks. Scary movie 4 is better and that movie stinks. Scary movie 5 is better and that movie stinks. This is one of the worst comedy movies ever. Do not see it.

Mark D (ca) wrote: I didn't mind it. However I found the ghost of Christmas present irritating and annoying. Also the story line may seem simple but it's kind of confusing when you watch it. I mean you understand the jist of it but it's still kind of confusing.

Margaux W (es) wrote: This a juicy one...beautiful flick :))