Lurking Fear

Lurking Fear

The town of Leffert's Corners has been plagued by unearthly beings for decades, and now there is only a few people left, including the local priest and a woman traumatised by the death of her sister. But when John Martense turns up to claim his illicit family fortune, with bad guys in pursuit, the last stand had become a lot more complicated. Based on the writings of H P Lovecraft.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   fight,   priest,  

The town of Leffert's Corners has been plagued by unearthly beings for decades, and now there is only a few people left, including the local priest and a woman traumatised by the death of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shireen Hakim R (br) wrote: Seth was a whiny jerk. I don't think Jules would like him.The 2 cops were funny. Overall a funny movie with a well-written plot and developed characters, but gross and unnecessary amount of cussing.

Marcie F (mx) wrote: was nothing like i thought it was gonna be , i didn't even finish watching it.. what a disapointment.

Eeva N (us) wrote: Sometimes cinema visits are just perfect. Not only the film that I've chosen to watch turns out to be great, but the whole experience feels almost life changing. A few hours to spare on a Monday afternoon in my old hometown, Glasgow, and I decide to catch a film in the Glasgow Film Theatre. It must be the best ever cinema. It's just how all cinemas should be: Calm atmosphere, tasteful art deco-like interior, but best of all, the auditorium has high reclining seating, so your view will never be blocked by the person sitting in front of you. I have so many fond memories of the GFT - I used to go there on my own when I'd just moved to the town, worked as an au pair and didn't really know that many people. I'd never been to the cinema on my own before that, and it felt really weird at first but I learnt to quite like it, it must have been the non-intimidating atmosphere of the GFT. In the next few years when at university, I was a frequent visitor at their 1.50 shows in the afternoons. It seemed that every single film that they showed was great, always, without a fail. On this Monday afternoon, the trip down memory lane turned out to be well worth it. Not here to be loved completely gripped my mind from the first minute. It's a modest, tender story about unspoken words and hidden feelings. Jean-Claude is a 50-year old bailiff who leads a lonely life; long separated from his wife, an awkward, distant relationship with his son, apparently no friends or social life, unless a weekly visit to his father's retirement home to play monopoly with him whilst listening to his whining and child-like tantrums counts as one. Encouraged by his doctor to she more active, he starts taking tango lessons and a woman much younger than him, who's about to get married. They connect over the dancing and soon they discover that it certainly takes two to tango. The story is built around their slowly developing relationship, but everything is really not about what is being said, but what's not being said because it's just too hard. Everything that is included is there for a reason; the characters are completely believable, human, and lovable - even the nosy PA who listens behind doors for private conversations and the moaning old grandpa although he doesn't really get the sympathies until after his death. Most importantly, the film is stunning to look at with a sexy tango performance included - watching it almost turned me on! I guess it was a combination of a few things - the memories, the great weekend I'd just had catching up with old friends, and the beautiful film I'd just seen, but I walked out of the cinema smiling and loving the life more than in a long time.

Cody C (ru) wrote: Holds up well. Very underrated.

Anna Q (us) wrote: Bubble Boy is one of those classically horrible comedies. I kind of love it. Like loving a really ugly dog.

Nicole C (it) wrote: I hated this movie. I watched it because of Gillian Anderson, but she only has a teeny tiny part.

Thomas P (es) wrote: This film wasn't bad. But it wasn't great either. I always felt like it was missing something even though it was pretty good.

Sarah G (au) wrote: The best Die Hard movie because it's unrealistically-realistic.

Massir D (br) wrote: Trs belle satire de la TV.Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais j'ai pens Silvio Berlusconi!!!!

Jari L (gb) wrote: Kind of like a zombie movie, except the zombies have been replaced with rabid hippies. Cheap, weird and oddly entertaining.

Lori B (mx) wrote: Strange movie, but I liked it.

Scott S (es) wrote: A wonderful film that is poetic as prophetic. Andula' journey is set into three stages 1) from trying to find love 2) having found love 3) getting a glimpse of the future of what her life can be. Her journey is heartfelt and heart breaking that leads to its final conclusion

Douglas L (es) wrote: Nice series if your interested.

Avery S (fr) wrote: lol wtf is this trach lmao fam

Aaron G (mx) wrote: Take away RDJ and you have a mediocre but clever comedy with good commentary and a star-studded cast. Put him in... and you've got a truly special experience.

Bret S (fr) wrote: Everyone's favorite Monday hating, lasagna loving tabby in his first big screen outing. Highly enjoyable entertaining comedy romp. falls short during the third act. Still a must see for the diehard fans of the strip.