Luxury Car

Luxury Car

A country schoolteacher reaching retirement comes to Wuhan in search of his only son. His dying wife has requested to see her boy one last time. He is met by his daughter Yanhong who works as an escort in a karaoke bar. Yanhong introduces him to a policeman who sympathizes with his plight and agrees to help him to find his son. The two quickly become friends. Yanhong also presents her father to her boyfriend, the owner of the karaoke, an older man, who drives a luxury car. However when the four of them meet for dinner one night the old policeman recognizes the boyfriend as a man he arrested over ten years ago...

A country schoolteacher reaching retirement comes to Wuhan in search of his only son. His dying wife has requested to see her boy one last time. He is met by his daughter Yanhong who works ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kalamr G (ru) wrote: He is young and talented, damm talented

Graeme B (nl) wrote: Me and my buddy watched this together. It's a very good movie if you care anything about music, has some very funny bits. It's kind of weird to see them with nice cars, kids, and houses.

Jeanne D (it) wrote: Is it just me? I think Love Actually is a perfect movie. Loved all the stories of varieties of love, including shy, lecherous, and parental, and all the touches typical of the British comic tradition.

Rolf J (es) wrote: A great insight on a different culture and a focus on a subject so relevant still. To see the observations made by children are always profound and trustworthy because they have yet to understand greed, but of course they're influenced by their families. In a cultural aspect I found it very interesting to see how the two children in the Jewish settlement fell into the gender roles that we are skeptical of in the Western world.The documentary in itself isn't all that great, it's very good, but not one of the great docs. But there aren't many documentary efforts in the Middle East and the fact that they view the perspective of children really lifts the film.

Melike S (us) wrote: What can a Turkish man do in the space? This is the answer I guess. It's a very nice movie with full of Turkish jokes, which are not very easy to understand with subtitles. I really like Arif's attitude and his way of communication. Cem Yilmaz was great as usual.

Jim B (fr) wrote: Good WWII movie about the only German prisoner of war to escape from Britain and back to Germany. The bit where he is trying to steal a Hurricane fighter is nail-biting stuff.

Andrew L (gb) wrote: George Burns has done a lot better.

Joseph B (mx) wrote: Lee Marvin = Good. Willaim Hurt = Bad

Matt C (mx) wrote: The anger is literally dripping off of the screen in this Pekinpah effort. It's an anti-war film of the strongest order and utilises all of his classic approaches, slo-mo camerawork, realistic gritty characters and a bleak, sombre mood. Really good.

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Sam B (br) wrote: "The Monuments Men" had some great moments in it, but overall, it wasn't that compelling. For a war movie, there has to be more action elements, which this movie lacked all of that.