Lyckliga skitar

Lyckliga skitar

A bachelor truck driver meet a pregnant woman. She moves in with him. Days turn into weeks and the bachelor considers becoming the stepfather to the child.

A movie by Vilgot Sjöman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henrysmovieguide C (de) wrote: Smarter than most Disney channel movies, but it's still weird and whiny. I did not like the characters, but you could tell the effort was there.

Niek S (it) wrote: Not as bad as expected, really. Quite watchable.

Chris D (au) wrote: In the desolated outreaches of Alaska two teens struggle with an accidental homicide - it's a respectable debut from Andrew Okpeaha MacLean but it moves too slowly and fails to captivate or suck you sit back, grab your buttered raw Nanuq and try to enjoy this Boyz n' the Hood/Fargo themed thriller, Inuit style.

Jane I (fr) wrote: Everything in the garden is lovely - just don't look at the pictures!

Daniel K (us) wrote: An amusing and fun Horror/Comedy and pretty much what you'd expect for a straight to DVD release so as long as you don't have your hopes up for something amazing you'll enjoy it. Characters were likeable enough and the storyline was good, but compared to films similar to it like Eight Legged Freaks it falls short because its nothing new and a little dull in parts. Both Chris Marquette and Brooke Nevin were good as the leads, as was Ray Wise as Cooper's Dad. Overall give it a go for some fun :)

Diane D (de) wrote: even though it doesn't depict the american health care system, it should stand alongside sicko as one of the most realistic portraits of healthcare ever. despite it's grim subject matter and the grueling time length (you feel like you've spent 10 hours with mr. lazarescu also) it manages a few laughs and plenty of real human moments.

Claire L (ag) wrote: This would've made a great 20-minute short if they had just cut the walking scenes down to about 30 seconds.

Jeff H (gb) wrote: I saw this originally a long time ago. I have since seen Jessica Westfelt's other movie Friends with Kids. I have a real appreciation for the creative writing in the cliche filled world of the romantic comedy.

Cody S (jp) wrote: I remember watching this movie as a kid and really liking it and to my suprise, after watching it again I still like it. Some cheesy, unrealistic portrayals of teens but it has a young Lara Flynn Boyle and a loveable nerd as the main characters and it's still funny after all this time which is great because it means it captures very well the experience of being in high school and trying to decide on/get into a college when it all seems so overwheliming at that age. Nothing spectacular but a good way to waste an hour or so.

Pedro Paulo (fr) wrote: The worst thing ive done this weekend and watch the weekend "CRAP"

Simon M (au) wrote: A very sweet youth musical drama showcasing young talent and the city of Glasgow.

Dennis W (ag) wrote: Not that good of a movie and Seagal was only in about 10 minutes

Rob L (br) wrote: Jesse Eisenberg is awesome in this, however the movie ends up being sketchily thrown together. And the movie doesn't seem to get around to showing what you want to see in a clever way.

Brad C (ag) wrote: This show is hot! Would you do it? hmmm