Lying in Wait

Lying in Wait

Young bachelor Babee is looking after his dead mother's estate when married couple Keith and Vera move in. Babee becomes attracted to them by the beautiful Vera and the risk taking Keith. However at a party Vera crashes her car, putting Keith into a coma. When Keith comes out he is in a semi-vegetative state and must rely on Vera to look after him. Keith can't move or speak but reveals to Babee that he can still talk and starts to kill those that wronged him with Babee's help.

Young bachelor Babee is looking after his dead mother's estate when married couple Keith and Vera move in. Babee becomes attracted to them by the beautiful Vera and the risk taking Keith. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manjuan D (nl) wrote: A huge pile of propaganda that would make Adolf Hitler proud. This jerk takes a few sprinkles of truth to season a huge lie. The economy sucked under Regan and notice how he completely skipped George Bush Sr. It's crap like this that proves how racist america is. Notice that Ray never address Obama as, "President."

Justin B (ca) wrote: A sports movie that never forgets to focus on the characters and not the outcome of the game. Funny and surprisingly sweet; with Seann William Scott finally dropping the douche frat-boy character he's been plagued with since American Pie.

Andrew L (mx) wrote: An excellent documentary about one of biggest scams in business world.

Douglas L (us) wrote: The overall content of comedy wasnt the greatest, but I found that the characters were really funny themselves.. esp. Jake Busey

Nicole C (ca) wrote: Wicked film, didnt watch it all doe, to busy mucking about!

Stephen E (it) wrote: A droll, dreary, and distasteful mess. Violence in cinema is fine, as long as there is reason to use it. Thursday presents brutal violence without reason. It just throws it onto the screen and tries to tone it down by adding a funny joke at the end. That, sir, is not black comedy.

Anthony J (de) wrote: Inspired by the Bruce Springsteen song 'Highway Patrolman'

Simon P (it) wrote: A sleazy gangster frames two go-go dancers, for the murder of their boss, who then go on the run with a waitress only to bump into said gangster in Mexico. Lots of crazy car chases with cops including a dopey deputy played by Eddie Deezen, who could have earned this film extra stars in a bigger role. Cheap and cheerful.

Natalia C (it) wrote: I thought it was a powerful film, but it was perfect. They don't miss a single detail. The main theme is about how we all have a good and a really bad side and Death Penalty. The movie was released a month before the last execution on Poland. The story was wonderful, we see the three main characters in their bad side and we hate them, but when they show us our good side we like them for a while. The scene were Miroslaw kills the taxi driver was impressive, mostly because you realize that this is the first time he murders someone and he doesn't even know how to do it, so he tries a lot of things to finally kill him, and the only thing that he wanted was the stupid car to impress his girlfriend.The last minutes of the movie are also very powerful, we get to see Miroslaw regretting what he did, blaming his sister's death for his actions. The scene were he talks with his lawyer in his last minutes was very touching, Piotr only wants to give him the chance to be heard one last time, to let all out. Is terrible the way they threat Miroslaw, like he was an animal, let him enjoy his last minutes... but that's reality. The scene of the execution is the most meaningful, maybe they don't talk that much, but we see the lawyer, a priest and a doctor standing on one side. They represent justice, religion and science and the truth is that they all on Death's Penalty side... The priest freaks out when the convicted only wants to kiss his hand. They all act like if executions were something extremely normal.The performances were good, Miroslaw Baka acts so naturally that he makes you forget that you are watching a film. Jan Tesarz makes you hate him, the things he does and how he enjoys to do them. Krzysztof Globisz was good, not impressive, I didn't liked him at the beginning because he was a dick. The colors of the movie are excelent because they put you on the context of a place were there's no justice, they have a lot of problems and not many good things happen in there.If you like a good contemporary film, this is it... More realistic than a Tarantino film

jon m (nl) wrote: Basically it's a remake of the original.

Chris J (br) wrote: Anymore than 1/2 a star would be for the wet special makeup effects. Other than that, man this was really bad.

Greg W (au) wrote: though writer/producer/director/star Richard Pryor insisted this pic isn't autobiographical its a case of art imitating life if u know what I mean, I liked this one though not pryor's best.

jwasu r (fr) wrote: I second the existentialism if it matters.....

Jo D (br) wrote: Cute. Loved seeing young Shelley Fabares & Bill Bixby in this movie, Elvis lacked the sparkle he had in his eye in other films. Its amazing how much this movie looked like it was filmed in Miami yet it was filmed in California. I got a kick out of the California mountains and West sunset over the Pacific Ocean (in Miami the Sun rises over the Ocean) Sad that this movie was the beginning of the end for Elvis

Tim R (fr) wrote: like Clockwork Orange meets American History X but in Australia...

Stuart R (ru) wrote: Pure shit. It doesn't even have camp value. It may have possibly rated higher if the sex, violence and dialogue weren't edited and subsequently redubbed by some annoying mother reading a bedtime story to her child - and seriously, what mother lulls her child to sleep by reading her a book by Edgar Allan Poe?

Pablo G (jp) wrote: 3.3/5Pretty basic as far as dramas go with its interesting mixture of cultures and commentary, even when its moment feel unbalanced and not quite fitting with each other specially considering its quick and *incoclusive* conclusion.