A coming of age dramedy where infidelity, real estate, and Lyme disease have two families falling apart on Long Island in the early eighties. Scott, 15, is at the point in his life when he finds out that the most important people around him, his father, his mother, and his brother, are not exactly who he thought they were. They are flawed and they are human.

A family unit begins to bow under the pressure of a failing marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael P (fr) wrote: Awesome flick. Not as good as The Strangers, but solid. Suspenseful and creepy, but the ending was a bit of a mindfuck.

Simon D (us) wrote: Basically an American version of Lock, Stock. Was full of cliche characters performed by bad actors. Despite this the story was strong enough to see it through.

Aj M (br) wrote: Wow. This is a great movie, and it makes you think. I have Only a few quarrels with the story line, but really a great movie. Makes a really nice and needed change from the same old boring repetitive shit in the Horror genre. Well Done Mr. Chidel.

Ashton J (it) wrote: These guys were wrong this movie is a very awesome movie

Mark S (ru) wrote: Tells the story well with its own take on the fable. Despite the poor effects for its year of production, the acting and plotline makes up for any other inadequacies. This is more of the kind of acting you would see on a stage where everything is exaggerated and reading between the line is simple enough, but it is done well.

Scott R (us) wrote: is it the greatest move ever? No. But it is entertaining thanks mainly to a solid performance from Dreyfuss.

Oliver B (nl) wrote: Unbelievably silly low-budget action film in the style of Death Wish. Due to its excesses, probably preferable to that film.

Orlok W (de) wrote: First-rate, thought provoking and exciting thriller--The Mars Hoax!!

Isaac B (ag) wrote: Successfully portrays not only underground cartoonists, but underground comix themselves.

Michael H (mx) wrote: A British tourist searches for her missing friend by basically treading up and down the same stretch of road while being pursued by various sinister foreign types. Who did it? Who gives a rat's ass!

Roy S (ru) wrote: I love this film. Holds up well after several viewings. Mercenaries in Africa is always a good start, but Walken really pushes it to another level. They just don't make enough of these films.

Brandon S (it) wrote: WOW! I don't know what else to say. It's as if some genius combined Peckinpah's "Straw Dogs" with the scariest possible version of Dante's "Gremlins".Corin Hardy's work on "The Hallow" provides everything that any goodhorror film needs to excel: strong performances, a tight narrative, beautiful cinematography, terrifying scares, and convincing effects. "The Hallow" has all of those things and then some. I couldn't have been any more impressed.Top praise for this film goes to the incredibly talented Joseph Mawle for his astounding performance as Adam. He plays off of Bojana Novakovic's terrified Clare with grace and naturalism that rivals many of this year's so-called 'Oscar bait' movies. What separates this cast from so many other horror films casts of this year is the way they both go above and beyond to play one of acting's most difficult emotions to convincingly portray: fear. Not for a second did I not believe that they were terrified.This may very well be one of the best creature features I've seen in recent years. Compellingly directed, more than competently acted, beautifully shot, and shockingly scary. This is downright masterful filmmaking.

ken k (it) wrote: First off I never heard such terrible music in a film in my life. There was a good story in here somewhere but God if I know exactly what ruined it. P.U.