Lysande landning

Lysande landning


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John A (es) wrote: This May Have The Plot Of Your Usual Straight-To-Video Flick, But This Fast-Paced Sci-Fi Action Thriller, Does Not Fail To Entertain. The Plot May Be Done Before But At This Stage It's Hard To Find Original Storylines. This Film Takes The Basics Of What Has Been Done Before And Shakes It Up Slightly Producing A Thriller, Which Is Easily Enjoyable And Decently Made.

Andrew K (es) wrote: Funny, exciting, clever - I loved it.

Anna B (us) wrote: The direction is plain to the point of boredom, but the screenplay is pretty cool in its complex, novelistic structure, even if it's a bit obvious about its themes at times. Didn't blow me away, but it's a good story.

David R (us) wrote: SWEET MOVIE LOVED IT

Alexandria M (ca) wrote: I don't agree with any of the critics. If you enjoy sci-fi, action and romance all in one movie....Then this movie is for you. Of course Hopkins and Russo are great actors but you will be pleasantly surprised at the acting from Mick Jagger. I have watched this movie a few times and enjoy it each time.

Joel A (ca) wrote: It's hard not too like this awfully bad 80's slasher film that is more or less about a serial killer killing people who are gym members.The dialogue & acting is woeful but all adds to the fun find yourself cheering & laughing in large amounts.It's worth every minute of its cheesy self...lots of bad murders & unnecessary amounts of aerobics.