Lyubov s aktsentom

Lyubov s aktsentom

Colorfully rich, and emotionally deep, "Love with Accent" is a film that explores several very different love stories. These are true stories of human feelings, bright and passionate, ...

A story about love beyond any borders... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam J (gb) wrote: watch it twice and still refreshing and funny..

Dylan G (fr) wrote: Awkward. Unfunny. Brutal. F

Tom K (nl) wrote: An engaging and powerful thriller based on actual events. And like reality, don't expect a happy ending.

David C (kr) wrote: Really enjoyed this feature based the S.A.C series. The budget shows, some of the animation in here is amazing, especially the solar city building. Several nice plot twists keep things interesting, though maybe a bit too narrative in places. Naturally not as deep as the series, but rewarding nonetheless..

Meredith W (ru) wrote: Nice enough but the plot could have been much better, Amish society could have been more accurately portrayed and given how convincing the initial hatred between the husband and wife was, it makes the turn in their affections more difficult to swallow. Predictable comedy.

Russ B (au) wrote: 8/5/2016: An ok movie at best, which was disappointing considering the duo of Williams and Crystal. Only a few laughs.

Laura E (au) wrote: Cool, kinda refreshing, an inteesting story about this 2 grils discovering each other

Bloodmarsh K (mx) wrote: One of the most boring, senseless horror films since 'Motel Hell.'

Berni E (us) wrote: I love Werner Herzog's more recent documentaries, but this 1982 film is astonishing. Based on a true story, it involves the actual moving of a 320-ton steamship over a hill in The Amazon. It deserves five stars just for that. It might not make your 'favourites' list but if you admire movie-making, single-mindedness and determination, watch it just for that!

luke v (it) wrote: this is garbage its just horrible! horrible acting, writing, camera work, its just bad but I guess there is a couple things I liked. the effects are pretty good for the time and there's that announcer guy and he's enjoyably over-the-top but still stay way from this movie!

Christian P (br) wrote: Despite their gifts and charm, Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, and Frank Sinatra are poor understudies for Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart (respectively). The witty dialogue that was razor sharp in the hands of the cast of The Philadelphia Story proves to be very dull cutlery in the musical remake. But no one cares much about the "book" in a musical. Thanks to songs by Cole Porter and music by Louis Armstrong and his band, the music is peppy and fun.

John B (ru) wrote: Through a cracky copy of this film, we see a young Gary Cooper and Marlene Dietrich doing her thing before and beyond what the Code would ever permit. It is probably the only interesting part to the film. I don't know if was jaded at seeing such a poor copy but the thrills were few and far between.

Mike C (au) wrote: I have been looking forward to this movie for a long time. This is a genuine "How in the world was this made?" movie. FDR gets polio from a werewolf and then blasts their asses off. If you enjoy random quotes and dick jokes, you'll love this movie as much as I did.

Evan M (ru) wrote: A great, underrated gem in Woody's filmography. A film that feels like a "who dunnit?" but we know who the culprit is all along. One of Woody's best (minus Scarlett's inferior acting & poor improv)