M.A.D: Mad About Dance

M.A.D: Mad About Dance

Essentially a dance film, it focuses on the youth, their dreams, anxieties, disappointments and hopes for their future. The film is based in the quaint and beautiful university town of Sheffield and brings to light the stories of Asian students who leave their home and country and go to study abroad…Their struggles, their heartbreaks, their trials and triumphs…

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Hindi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Essentially a dance film, it focuses on the youth, their dreams, anxieties, disappointments and hopes for their future. The film is based in the quaint and beautiful university town of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


M.A.D: Mad About Dance torrent reviews

Fabriio F (nl) wrote: The actors aren't very good. The plot... well... poor. Apart from the eye candy scene of romance between Charlie David and Dan Payne, the rest of the movie is rather flat. Just like its ending.

Chris L (mx) wrote: Awful, in every way imaginable.

Jenny N (es) wrote: Battered Woman Syndrome

Haider A (us) wrote: 4/5 recommended for a good evening with good laughter

Leena L (ru) wrote: What a pleasant serenity reigned over this adult-like conversation! Brilliant cast and brilliant acting, even John C. Reilly, the Cellophane Man was worth my time. Excellent how the people switched alliances on the fly and nobody was safe from a treatment. "Openly despicable" and other catchy and usefull phrases........ The film goes to show many things, for life but also for film, like wanna throw up - use the bucket and a film can actually work even if nothing much happens and it all happens in one room. Plus .... there is a super fine carpet in the living room!

Priyu K (kr) wrote: basically the norwegian midnight cowboy

Clare M (ru) wrote: weird. "take it with a grain of salt".

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Randy B (jp) wrote: Farrah Fawcett gives us the goods here! Ms Fawcett shows us there is more to her than a beautiful face and dazzling smile. After this Farrah got the more challenging roles she craved.

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Paul M (gb) wrote: If only Scotland was really like this...

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Mark N (kr) wrote: The low budget effects and sets will no doubt remind British viewers of Gerry Anderson live action shows with their minimally dressed passel walls and sparkler rockets. The plot is glacial and quickly out stays it's welcome. The last few scenes raise many interesting questions that the movie could have explored if it had condensed its material into the first 2 acts.

James W (au) wrote: i like this movie. not great but good.