Ma mère

Ma mère

When his father dies, a young man is introduced by his attractive, amoral mother to a world of hedonism and depravity.

Based on George Bataille's posthumous and controversial novel: When his father dies, a young man is introduced by his attractive, amoral mother to a world of hedonism and depravity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chok S (kr) wrote: ?#Wer REVIEW: A found-footage werewolves film that's scientifically thrilling and violent despite its flaws. There are some gruesome GORES here and there plus lots of violent kills but it's really fast and kind of dark so you won't see lots of gut or blood splattering in your face as you might expected. As the film was shot in the style of found footage and a plot that focused on the scientific element, it did bring some new idea and concept to the genre turning this into more of a crime/thriller one. The SCARE here is mostly jumpy ones as the make-up effects here tend to keep the character in its human looks rather than turing into the werewolve completely. Overall, Wer may have some flaws but still dare to take risk in giving a twist to the genre into a more scientific crime/thriller/horror film in a realistic way as well as filming it in found footage style, all of which work really quite well together here. [B-]

John B (us) wrote: I watched this when it originally aired on Syfy. As much as I'm a fan of Felicia Day, I didn't really care for this movie. The main characters seemed to have zero chemistry. The version that made it to theaters with Amanda Seyfried handled things much much better... but then I guess that's why this one was on Syfy and not in the theater.

Harry W (ru) wrote: Great bank robbery flick!

Clement L (br) wrote: So heartbreaking, but I love it! This is the best performance from Asano Tadanobu (tied with "Last Lives") to date by the way.

Daniel P (ru) wrote: Among the movies I've most wanted to see in the last few years, Resurrecting the Champ was a real letdown. The story is supposed to be about a journalist and a boxer, and yet - for some reason - the family story is pushed to the forefront. I don't care about the man's marriage, and I don't care about his son. Tell me about the journalist and the boxer. Slow, melodramatic and cringe-worthy in places (double whammy: bad dialogue AND bad acting!), this film was not half as good as it could have been.

Anthony H (ru) wrote: I don't see how most people get lost and confused watching this. It's not incoherent and absurd. Good sequel, altgough not as thrilling as Night Watch, despise some really good car chase.

TheMumblelover (de) wrote: Why did I bother? It takes ages to get going and when it does it practically over.

Felipe F (nl) wrote: Although it does not live up to its predecessor, this fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise boasts cheesy special effects, sly humour, an action-packed sequence and the introduction of a new villain that shall please nostalgic fans.

Eddie G (ca) wrote: sex,videos and lies all that u could have in this movie, and by reading some of reviews about movie i noticed that everybody jsut saw that sex and vidoes story almost none wrote a single word about Taavi's problem in hes mind about hes parents, how he trying to reanimate hes memorys with those actors he took, for recoding, i think that very good put all in behind all those sex recording :) nice story but could be done much better i love Finnish movies,

Brent M (ru) wrote: Denis Leary is surprisingly good. I never thought of him as an actor but I think he did a very good job with what was there. The movie was slow and lackluster until the last quarter of the movie. The ending was well done and suprisingly powerful, though waiting all that time for the end may not be worth it.

Jacob G (mx) wrote: Wow, I honestly don't remember this one...

Gilmar G (gb) wrote: Nesta madrugada de inicio de agosto, eu assisti este filme que me impressionou bastante!!! Ainda escuto os acordes da musica "Vapor barato" cantada pela maravilhosa Gal Costa. Um filme preto e branco, belissimo, cruel, doce, amargo!! "...Eu nao preciso de muito dinheiro, gracas a Deus...." E o violino tao cobicado tocado pelo cego, que deixa cair na rua os diamantes que brilham em preto e branco e se espalham com o pisar, os anadares que os transformam em nada, quase poeira!! " Oh minha Honey Baby, honey baby... assim eu estou tao cansado mas nao pra dizer que eu estou indo embora, talvez um dia quem sabe eu volto..." E o carro roda numa estrada quase escura e de dia, levando a esperanca morta, o amor ainda quente, aflito, sangrando, vida se esvaindo. Ah os poetas, os artistas, tocam, cantam, criam imagens que tocam nossos sonhos e fantasias. "....Vou descendo por todas as ruas e vou tomar aquele velho navio... oh minha honey baby, honey baby..." me leva para o meu lugar, para minha casa, para qualquer lugar, deixa que o brilho das cobicas, dos ouros e das joias se desmanchem como meu sangue que agora jorra de mim, do que fui, do que ainda me resta... A voz da Gal continua viva e adormecente, inebriante... Este filme foi muito marcante.... "...oh minha honey baby, honey baby...." ************************************************************ Late night I decided to watch this movie. It was black and white,unusual for movies nowadays. The story happened in Brazil, when the president Collor decided to take money from everybody, freezing the bank accounts. It made people suffer a lot. Then,Paco,an young who was trying to be an actor, lost his mother and his life changed dramatically. He was so lost and one day He met a man who wanted him going to Europe to carry some diamonds illegally. He didn't know that. Then he gets involved in a bad criminal story. Already in Portugal he met a girl, Alex, who he is going to have an affair with. The movie gets so intense, and in the end the music sang by the wonderful Brazilian singer, Gal Costa, gives to the movie an special touch. You must watch that movie!!!! " ....Oh minha honey baby, honey baby...." The movie has caption!!

Ghislain B (it) wrote: Magnifique film retranscrivant les maux du Japon. Un drame social saupoudr d'rotisme et d'un humour noir agrable. A voir et adorer pour son originalit.

Zachary S (gb) wrote: Easily one of Robin Williams' best, if not his best, performances. Balance of drama and comedy is perfect in this Vietnam War film classic

Hannah M (kr) wrote: The weakest of the Jack Lemmon/Walter Matthau movie pairings I've seen. It has one or two funny moments, but overall both actors are underutilized, the script is weak, the story is cliched except for it's far-too-abrupt ending, and the characters are *too* bizarre and caricatured for us to do much but just stare at them in confusion. Far from a great film.

Matt M (nl) wrote: A U.S. officer overlooks the completion of a Kansas railway held back by Confederate attacks just before the Civil War begins. Dull and formulaic western with some nice action sequences but overall pretty poorly made.


Simon G (fr) wrote: Reynolds' does wounded and comedic very well. Sometimes at the same time.

Marcella C (ca) wrote: Critics may hate it but I love it! Especially the music, great mix!

Lala L (nl) wrote: 03.02.2016: Pretty touching.