Ma vie en rose

Ma vie en rose

Ludovic is a transgender girl who is coming out. She talks of marrying her neighbor's son and can not understand why everyone is so surprised about it. Her family and neighbors struggle ...

Ludovic is a small boy who cross-dresses and generally acts like a girl, talks of marrying his neighbor's son and can not understand why everyone is so surprised about it. His actions lead ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack H (ag) wrote: Furious kinetic energy, but the long drawn chases looses all the tension as we are led to the predictable confrontation at the end

Philip N (ag) wrote: The last 20 mins and very ending still have me thinking a bit of "WTF"?? However, not a "WTF" like Thailand's bad film "Bangkok Love Story." But, overall decent drama from South Korea exploring a semi-forbidden homosexual relationship. The pacing seemed slow at times but the story was interesting. However, why does it seem like gay-themed films from Asia often like to stick in prostitution with their stories? Oh well. It was decent. Debated between 3 and 3 1/2 stars, but I think it was better made than similar films I've seen.

Tim L (br) wrote: A story that needs telling, and is told in the most realistic, harrowing, brutal way, but also in the most gripping and personal way. A truly great film.

Michelle P (nl) wrote: It doesn't have the most original plot but it is quite entertaining. A very fast-paced thriller. I thought the ending could have been better so that kept me from giving it more stars. Pacino is very good, as usual.

Oleg A (ca) wrote: the most pretentious and predictable movie i've ever seenand whoever wrote that score deserves a nail in their head

Chris C (es) wrote: Smart, funny and a definite roller-coaster thrill ride, Arachnophobia executes a comedy of thrills with solid performances by Jeff Daniels and John Goodman.

Phillie E (it) wrote: Occasionally you meet a nice one; Starman, E.T., but usually they turn out to be some kind of big lizard!

Jesse V (us) wrote: Great B movie. David Carradine & Barbara Hershey

jeroen v (nl) wrote: Long before the Dutch, Belgians, Czechs, Danes and Norwegians began to produce their film versions of life under German occupation, the Poles and French had already made several masterpieces dealing with the second world war. Some, like Wajda's Kanal and Melville's L'Armee des Ombres, became classics of the genre. Ventura is quietly great as Gerbier and Melville establishes an atmosphere in the movie that can be cut with a knife, really nailing the tension and claustrophobia of the era.

Frdric I (it) wrote: Cette comdie tardive qui ressemble un conte moral n'est pas ce que Frank Capra a fait de mieux. Les films rooseveltiens des annes 30 sont plus russis. Bof.

Nathanial R (ca) wrote: F-(Terrible Movie)


Greg R (jp) wrote: To simplify this movie: this is a dark, gothic, colorful, imaginative stop-motion film directed by the great visionary Tim Burton. I'd understand if someone didn't think this was a good movie, but I think there are enough good things to really overshadow its problems.

Oj H (ru) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever. top 10 for sure.

Martin G (au) wrote: Northmen possde quelques bonnes qualits notamment dans les scnes d'action mais malheureusement n'est pas aussi efficace que la srie Vikings d'History Channel