• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:elephant,   forest,   animal,  

Vijay lives with his mother in a palatial house deep in the jungles in South India where he makes a living trapping animals for circuses, zoos - both nationally and internationally. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon S (nl) wrote: You know what makes this terrible movie even worse than the first one? This one wasn't an accident.

Jacob F (fr) wrote: Very enjoyable comedy, can be very violent

Joaquin Y (br) wrote: Just boring and unoriginal

Kalimah P (ag) wrote: A touching film about how strangers, a gorgeous home, and a serene landscape, and the heart of a little girl can create community out of tragedy.

Kyle M (au) wrote: In one scene of the film when Steve Martin was trying to get Eddie Murphy into his movie, but was declined. What if this movie is the movie that was being filmed and Murphy said no to it, but had no idea he's in it?The two comedians are a good match to boost up the laughing level, but this opportunity was unfortunately squandered. Martin portrayed a desperate director, while Murphy portrayed both a dork and a paranoid actor. An opportunity between these could've gone for a better way. Although, they did do their jobs to make their audience laugh sometimes throughout the film.Also, the film defined an intriguing, new concept of filmmaking with a storyline that was interestingly enough to go to this film, despite parodied the latter topic. With some laughs and a new take on filmmaking, it's still an enjoyable comedy. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Jordan T (mx) wrote: Family friendly, but how the hell do a dog and dolphin become friends. It's been almost ten years since I've seen it, so I can't say I remember too much about it, except that I wanted to see it because it was released on my birthday.

John S (ru) wrote: Pretty good action/comedy film!

Michael A (ca) wrote: Crazy film I totally dig it.

Steve S (mx) wrote: *** (out of four) It might not be a home run, but "Oh God" is a sweet and earnest little comedy that luckily does aspire too high when it searches or the presence of God in everyday life. John Denver plays an assistant manager of a grocery store. One day God picks him to spread His word. Nobody takes him seriously and he becomes the laughing stock of the southern California. Director Carl Reiner gets some decent laughs while playing it a bit safe. George Burns is essential to the films success and actually comes across as a bit heavenly.

CJ A (jp) wrote: With Cronenberg's provocative ideas regarding gender, culture, and technology under-served by his (purposely) flat aesthetics, this is one of those films that's loads more fun to discuss than actually watch.

Bill M (ag) wrote: Hooray, the titular address is in my hometown Jersey City....Google Maps here I come!

Brian K (mx) wrote: While a little overwrought, Duel in the Sun is helped by King Vidor's masterful eye and Gregory Peck, playing against-type as the villain.

Pamela (jp) wrote: This film was made in a long ago time and style. I believe the blusterous comedy camouflages a more serious tone, that of the Patriot. The recital of the Gettysburg address by a butler come to America. I say!

Raine L (nl) wrote: think this is 2.5 or 3 stars but want to see again.