Maad Dad

Maad Dad

Palachottil Geevargees Kuriyakose Easo is a proud father to Mariya Mariyamma Palachottil. Being a father he is protective of Mariya but knows exactly where to draw the line. He knows whats best for her and never lets his protective nature hinder Mariyas. Mariya also dotes on her father and the two share an adorable and loving relationship till Mariya discovers her father`s secret. This secret shatters her and her love life as well.

Delicate and gorgeous relationship of Father and a Daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron L (de) wrote: Very funny lets go streaking

Miguel R (es) wrote: Dull and boring, Big Daddy lacks humor, heart, and all the content a decent comedy would have

Brett H (de) wrote: Rocky 3 is the best and easily the most entertaining entry in the Rocky franchise with an animalistic villain, some heavy drama, and the surprising team-up of Rocky and Apollo which added the perfect amount of heart to this film. Since his championship win, Rocky has been coasting on fame, fighting lesser opponents to keep his title, until a tougher and meaner boxer named, Clubber Lang challenges, the Italian Stallion, to a fight which Rocky reluctantly accepts. However, before the fight can take place, a tragedy occurs which distracts, Rocky, in the ring and causes him to lose his championship status and his personal trainer. Broken, and unsure of how to defeat, Lang, Rocky joins forces with Apollo Creed who teaches him how to move swifter and adopt new styles of fighting. I absolutely loved this entry in the Rocky series and it put a HUGE smile on my face seeing Balboa and Creed setting aside their differences to work together and neutralize the savage, Lang. This is also the first film in the franchise to use the now iconic, Eye of the Tiger song and hearing it played during one of the infamous montage sequences was a real treat for the eyes and ears! There is also a RIDICULOUS wrestling match between Stallone and Hulk Hogan, in his prime, that goes so over the top it becomes hilarious. It's more of an action/fighting film, than a humble drama, but it has just enough of that Rocky charm and it is definitely my favourite in the series.

Private U (nl) wrote: awesome - but probably best watched in two installments

Jonny B (ru) wrote: In comparison to Fellini's two previous movies, 'Juliet of the Spirits' is more emotionally resonant - also more structured. In '8 1/2' a filmmaker was going through a surrealist nightmare, this time a woman is going through one (Fellini wrote it for his wife, but it's just Fellini disguised not too subtly), this time in vivacious color, and the surrealist dreams and images are almost as fascinating as those seen in '8 1/2'. The score is classic, too, it's my personal favourite Fellini/Rota collaboration - no matter my undying love for 'La Dolce Vita's' score -, it's peculiar and at times overwhelming. 'Juliet of the Spirits' is an astonishing circus of colours, avant-garde juxtapositions, jokes, surreal mise-en-scenes, extraneous faces and characters, and everything we've come to know as Felini-esque. It's an orgy of delights and tied in second with 'La Dolce Vita' as my favourite Fellini movie, '8 1/2' coming in first.

Mythreyi M (ag) wrote: No one can make movies like Guru Dutt!

Scott J (nl) wrote: some of the worst acting and dialogue ive ever seen. At times both cringe worth and hilarious. The movie continues to top itself with whats the next terrible scene we can jam in this movie that feels like its 3 hours!

Jacob B (mx) wrote: Even if it takes a while to get to the good parts, Whoopi Goldberg's performance and the catchy musical numbers make Sister Act impossible to resist.

Justin A (ca) wrote: There isn't much to say about this movie. If you have seen the second movie then you know what to expect here. It has a few good kills, but this movie is extremely boring and feels very cheap (like all the budget went into the Porsche they have in the movie). The entire movie takes place in the woods around tents, with occasional moments in actual buildings. Pamela Springsteen is fun as Angela again, but it does little to save what feels like a rushed and pointless sequel. I definitely can't recommend this one unless you want to finish the Sleepaway Camp trilogy (and eventually watch the fourth)

Jesse O (it) wrote: Maybe I was in a good mood, but I didn't dislike this film that much. Not that I was expecting it to, but you know how it is with 'horror' films in the 90s, particularly post-Scream. Not saying that a lot of films tried to replicate that, but the setting is fairly similar to Scream in a small and peaceful town where strange events start taking place. The one difference to Scream, is that this film has more sci-fi themes than horror ones and it's not really constructed as a film that's meant to tear apart the genre's tropes. Essentially, some of the more troubled teens in town are turned into the ideal students. Perfect, well-adjusted, straight-A students that contribute to society in helpful ways. Imagine the Stepford Wives except substitute the women for troubled teens. So the movie is more about trying to find out what exactly is happening to these teens that is, somehow, managing to reform them in record time. Apparently, from what I found out, the film was edited beyond all hell and the director, David Nutter, even considered taking his name out of the credits. I think the original cut was like 20 minutes longer than this and it focused more on character development, which I really would've been interested in seeing. This movie isn't bad or anything, but the characters don't really have much of a personality. You also find out more about Steve's brother, who shot himself, and who is the impetus for the family moving to Cradle Bay and why he did what he did. I thought that that, at least, was important, because Steve's depression or lack excitement at his family's move to Cradle Bay is due in part to what happened to his brother. There's also the fact that there was, supposedly, an organization that was behind Caldicott's experiments, which would have also been interesting to see. So I do feel sorry for David Nutter and the writer of the film, because I truly do believe that there's a more interesting story that they wanted to tell than what you got to see on screen. Their story, I feel, was truly bastardized and I could've seen the director's cut of it. And it is available, like some fans edited it together along with the deleted scenes, but it's not like I'm gonna go out of my way to seek it out. Part of the reason why I enjoyed this, in spite of giving it an average rating, is the fact that it feels like a time capsule of what horror movies were like in the 90s. And you can say that for every decade, of course, but I don't know, there's just something about that I enjoyed. The movie is a little goofy at times, so I liked that. Unsure if the film was purposely goofy at times or if it was meant to be taken seriously. Either way, some scenes made me laugh. The acting is ok, I like James Marsden and everything, but there's no real reason to care for his character. There's no real reason to care for ANY character, the character development, at least in this edit of the film, is literally nonexistent. There's the basic stuff, like you establish what type of person a character is, but they don't go much farther beyond that. It is what it is and this is where Nutter's original cut of the film would've, hopefully, helped the most. Just giving you a real reason to care for the characters. Even with that, and some of the issues I have with the scripting and its similarities to Stepford Wives, part of me had fun watching this movie. Not what I would call good, but enjoyable if watched in the right state of mind or with a group of friends that you can have fun with. It's also free if you have Amazon Prime, so there's that. You can't really go wrong with a 'free' movie. And it's less than 85 minutes long, so it doesn't stick around for too long. This is average at best, but a somewhat enjoyable average, if that makes sense.