Maanasa Sarovara

Maanasa Sarovara

Film starring Pandithachar, Ramakrishna and Srinath

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Kannada
  • Reference:Imdb
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Maanasa Sarovara torrent reviews

Omer F (kr) wrote: This Con Duo makes it a good one-time watching entertainer. You are left excited till end regarding what is happening. The Witty Punjabi Girl with her One-Liners steals the show, A Simple Muslim Girl with that Smile to Die for and that Corporate Woman Attitude Gal along with Anushka, makes this movie a very good weekend entertainer.

Khushboo T (kr) wrote: Ranvir rocks !! Very well made movie

Wilman A (nl) wrote: A good one funny India movie i`ve ever watched. Not good but fun.

Josh H (jp) wrote: an absorbing comedy/drama focused on self-delusion, and the crave for fame. a funny and often times cringe-inducing film. the acting and chemistry of the 2 lead characters is what really makes it all work so well.

Geoffrey T (ca) wrote: A film whose prevalent intention is to shock, irritate, and offend when it should be to educate, this is very unfortunate. One can make a film with disturbing qualities without reveling in it's depravity. I didn't even finish it.

Michael T (ca) wrote: An attempt to update HIS GIRL FRIDAY to the 1990s fails miserably.

Corey R (mx) wrote: Very unique tale of a futuristic life between two totally different lifestyles. Ray Liotta is banished from the high tech world to a poverty stricken land where he has to survive and help one community against their enemy.

Darrell D (jp) wrote: epically epic, all 270 minutes of it ... one of the better soundtracks from the early nineties (u2, nick seed, nena cherry and others )

Nikolas G (br) wrote: Very known films , in the years of western- spaghetti , the italian production for westerns . Very good music , and Montgomery Cleft as was the fake name of Giuliano Gemma, if i remember well . this film is less violent than others of same age anyway a good film with the bad habit of those age in westerns ...the night scenes was made in day s light and with dark filters tried to give the illusion that was night ...

Mike C (ca) wrote: I feel like they could have done more with the plot (as it is a bit boring), but seeing Will Ferrell in this type of role is very refreshing. It's a good concept too, it just doesn't really go anywhere.

Kallie S (it) wrote: I knew going into this that I was going to come out in tears. This movie pulls at your every last emotion. Sean Penn is fantastic, portraying Sam as the loving father that he is, despite his disabilities. A wonderful story about love and it's power.

Bill T (gb) wrote: An interesting and, dare I say it, better-then-the-original follow-up to Blacula. Where the first was essentially set-up, this is dynamite pay-off. William Marshall and his team of phantom vampires are generally creepy this time (thanks to a director who's been there before) and the story presents an interesting take on the vampire story with Voodoo elements combined. Pam Grier is an expert on the occult, and agrees, with some heavy reservations mind you, to take on Mr. Blacula and tries to rid his little problem with the help of voodoo dolls! If this sounds silly, it probably is, but it's presented quite interestingly and with a lot of stylle that the cheesiness isn't too obvious. Quite a little surprise.