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Michael C (ca) wrote: What makes a "true-crime story" so gripping to watch is that you know how the events are going to unfold. And as much as you're wishing for a fictionalized happier ending to it all, it's not going to happen. Balibo was such a heartrendingly tragic part of Australia's political history, and this was undoubtedly one of the best films to come out of Australian cinema.

brian r (gb) wrote: GREAT ASS MOVIE. I LOVED IT

Marcus M (us) wrote: Hard to watch and confusing at times, but everything unravels itself in its disturbing end.

Nordic S (de) wrote: Fairly enjoyable documentary about the drug comedian Tommy Chong.

Aldia S (de) wrote: a dilemma between love or a kind of life that she wants. or both. this girl is not afraid to have her cake and eat it, but at the end, does anybody really happy?

J K (fr) wrote: Nice try Bollywood. Do you think I was born yesterday?

Michael C (fr) wrote: Loved this movie! Silly fun romp

Calum P (br) wrote: A spoof of the tarzan films, this a very funny and entertaining movie. Not quite up to the standard of carry on up the khyber, but nevertheless the cast all give great performances, especially the wonderful Joan Sims who plays Lady Evelyn Bagley. The film seems a little disjointed at times, but there are enough jokes and innuendo to sustain it - Frankie Howerd has some particulaly memorable lines-"I'm flabberghasted, my ghast has never been so flabbered" and like all the carry on films is very likeable.

Susanna M (br) wrote: It was boring at first...BUT, kudos to the twist at the end. Damn!!!