Mabel at the Wheel

Mabel at the Wheel

Charlie, competing with his rival's race car, offers Mabel a ride on his motorcycle but drops her in a puddle. He also kidnaps his rival before the race. But Mabel decides to take the wheels in his place, thus causing a threat to Charlie. As the race progresses, despite a very late start, Mabel manages to gain a lead of three laps. Charlie with his henchmen, tries to sabotage the race by using oil and bombs on the track. They seem to succeed for a while, but their dirty tricks were not enough to stop the high-spirited Mabel from winning the race.

Charlie, competing with his rival's race car, offers Mabel a ride on his motorcycle but drops her in a puddle. He next joins some dubious characters in abduction of his rival just before ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leandro B (fr) wrote: The Maze Runner tiene una trama que atrae desde el primer momento,con muchos cabos sueltos,pero con actuaciones muy buenas y personajes muy entraables.

Brian M (br) wrote: This movie is brilliantly acted, and the story is far too real. This reminded me of the longtime companion, only with a much harder side, and bigger actors. I grew up in the 80's, and I think AIDS was probably more talked about and more frighting to people than terrorism. One thing they didn't show was the hysteria around the early days of AIDS when people were jumping out of windows, and certain places afraid to serve anyone that looked gay.

Sherry K (us) wrote: Storyline was a little bit difficult to follow. At first, was good humor, action, and serious. As the movie progressed towards the end, the whole "serious" of the movie was absent.

MarieBella C (us) wrote: Brave and dark with a stark realism, plus strong and effective performances from it's main cast and a especially young Jodie Foster-esque turn by Annasophia Robb

Josh G (ag) wrote: Well, it has happened. I have finished the Up series so far, and now I join the rest of the civilized world in the aching wait until the next installment is released in 2012. Yikes. It's tempting to judge 49 Up as the final chapter, even though it most decidedly is not. Still, I knew it would be the last movie about the lives of Suzy, Tony, Jackie, Lynn, Sue, John, Andrew, Charles, Simon, Neil, Bruce, and Paul (am I missing anybody?) that I will be seeing for some time. And so it was tempting to look for some sort of resolution. That resolution, obviously, did not come. This is not the final chapter. And furthermore, even though it sounds like kind of a stupid statement to make, these are real people's lives - there are no tidy conclusions to their stories. Their lives go on when you turn off your television. Their lives are going on right now. That's so weird to think about. You could literally go to the University of Wisconsin and sit in on a class taught by Nick. Even during 42 Up, the film was from the late '90s, you know? That was still kind of a distant time from now. It's so strange to realize what you've known all along: yes, these people are still around today. Crazy. Along with 35 Up, I found this entry in the series to be among the weakest. Which is not to say that it wasn't fantastic, because it definitely was. Jackie's interview was especially rewarding, given her strong feelings about the series. In fact, come to think of it, everybody has sort of strong feelings about the series that were just touched on briefly during the previous film. This time, they pretty much all say something about how it has affected their lives. John is back (for the same reasons), even though he still feels that the documentaries provide a quote-unquote "bit of poison" every seven years. Although Suzy was probably my favorite of the subjects before, there aren't a whole lot of new conclusions that one can draw from her in this installment of the series and she hints that she may not return for future installments. That's kind of irritating, but I'm sure she has her reasons. Mostly, though, I think that this film was much like 35 Up in that there are not really any truly major changes that have occured. Sure, there are a couple of participants who have gotten divorced or re-married, which is surprising... but perhaps because we don't really get to see the spouses very much, the news of these divorces is not particularly shocking. Otherwise, everybody seems to be about where they were before with regard to their station in life. The people who were firmly lower-middle class before are, big shock, still firmly lower-middle class. Nobody made a million dollars in the last seven years (or lost their millions). I really don't know what else to say. I wish there was more, seeing as how this is the last entry in the Up series for the next three years. But frankly, it's hard to follow up something as incredible as 42 Up was. Apted still has magic flowing through each of these films, but there are some that are better than others and that's just fine. If I could rate the series as a single entity, it would without a doubt be worth five stars. Hands down.

Laurent T (fr) wrote: Wtf? great idea for a movie with terrible preproduction planning, weak improvised acting and a negligible plot with a distracting clash of styles.

Private U (au) wrote: This is whoppi in her best. a 2 hour monologue movie with brief interaction with 2 minor characters. She has a pet owl and she takes a bath with a goldfish. SO good!

Mike L (gb) wrote: A movie known more for it's title than the actual movie itself. If you want to ramp up the suspense, artificial or not, two easy ways to do that are by confining the space and remoteness so a submarine in the arctic qualifies for both. Add in the cold-war, espionage, and treason and this should be a no-brainer but that is not always the case. The cast is solid with Hudson leading the way and doing a good job in a dramatic role, Borgnine's accent seemed to go in and out. There is always a problem with submarine sabotage just in the logistics of it and sorry when the sub is that deep and that close to the arctic the water temp would of caused hypothermia making this scene unrealistic. Granted this is the late 60's but some of the special effects seemed odd, especially anything to do with ice. Still the story and for the most part the acting keep this at a steady stream of suspense to make it watchable.