Macho Dancer

Macho Dancer

A former American soldier becomes an exotic dancer and male prostitute in Manila.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Filipino,English,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   police,   nightclub,  

Abandoned by his American lover, a handsome teenager from the mountains journeys to Manila in an effort to support his family. With a popular call boy as his mentor, Paul enters the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Macho Dancer torrent reviews

Iris L (mx) wrote: The premise of this film is scary. Using prisoners to commit murders - and on a regular basis. Very well done film, and my first time watching a Filipino movie.

Leonard D (us) wrote: Eh, the hunger games was far enough for me.

Felipe G (jp) wrote: So if you love Basketball and have been a true fan of your team, you will understand why this film needed to be made. It tells a tale of lies that led to the WRONGFUL relocation of OUR team the SEATTLE SUPERSONICS. I've cried and been angry during movies, but never like this, I balled and wanted to scream after this film. I hold no bad feelings towards OKC as a city, but I will never root for the Thunder. Seeing this movie will piss you off and make you think. Every Sonics fan and every NBA fan should see this movie. It can happen to you and your city....scary...

Cooper H (de) wrote: An entertaining sequel filled with over the top action. The visual effects are not great especially with the amount of fake blood that is shown.

Smarojit C (nl) wrote: Romeo babyy!! YRF after tying up with Walt Disney produces India's first animation film to be proud of.Well, it is no where close to a 'Finding Nemo' or 'Shrek', but it is a healthy start to an extremely bright future. Jugal Hansraj's directorial debut doesn't have much of a story line to boast off, but the extremely lovable characters Romeo (Saif, bang on!!), Anna (Javed Jaffrey, awesome!) , Laila (Kareena, sexy!!) and the remakebaly hilarious dialouges make 'Roadside Romeo' a must-watch festive delight. P.S: Check out for the Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge climax in true doggie delight.

Andrew R (ru) wrote: Togerland is slow paced with little to offer when it comes torogression and plot development. On the other hand it does have a good performance by Colin Farrell and shows the suffering that many of the soldiers went through while at boot camp and Tigerland. It is unique in that it shows resisance to authority in the US military but its not enough to push the film past mediocre.

Jennifer P (br) wrote: ... i can't even begin to express how huge of any Errol Morris fan i am. i totally went into this to expand on my curiosity of humane capital punishment and of course.. i end up being awe-stuck and proven correct on my theory that all interesting people.. are fucked up.

Uur H (ru) wrote: kevin bacon psikopat katil rolunde cok iiydi, film zaman zaman temposunu kaybetse de, ii sayilir...

Bryan C (it) wrote: Unpopular opinion alert: I thought this was just okay. Certainly funny at times, but incredibly dated to a modern viewer. A bit too much vulgar humor for my taste, too.Grade: c+

Byron B (jp) wrote: Calling all cars... Calling all cars... A murderer is on the loose! There is no reason for this movie to be in the 50 Horror Classics box set. Karloff plays detective Mr. Wong, who is brought in to assist in solving the mystery of who killed a shipping tycoon. The alternative title about Wentworth Castle refers to a boat destroyed in a fire, not a building. This was the fifth and last time Karloff played James Lee Wong as directed by William Nigh, but the first one I've seen. Withers co-starred as the slightly dim-witted police Captain Street in all six Mr. Wong mysteries. And this was the third time Marjorie Reynolds co-starred as cub reporter, "Bobbie" Logan. She is the one who enlists Mr. Wong's help. Mr. Wong goes about piecing together the clues, while the family and suspects act melodramatically and Bobbie and the Captain flirt by bickering. Though nothing comes of the romance, it is a fairly typical whodunit mixed with romcom.

Melinda P (ru) wrote: A great movie. A happy ending without being syrupy. Some nice scenery, too.