Mad Dog and Glory

Mad Dog and Glory

Wayne Dobie is a shy cop whose low-key demeanor has earned him the affectionate nickname "Mad Dog." After Mad Dog saves the life of Frank Milo, a crime boss and aspiring stand-up comedian, he's offered the company of an attractive young waitress named Glory for a week. At first both are uneasy about the arrangement, but they eventually fall in love. However, the situation becomes complicated when Milo demands Glory back.

In an incident, crime scene photographer Wayne Dobie, or Mad Dog, inadvertently saves the life of a mob boss named Frank Milo. In return, Milo allows Mad Dog to have one week with his servent Glory. After an awkward start, Mad Dog and Glory soon fall in love and make the decision to run away from the crime boss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin S (us) wrote: Animation is ok, don't know all other characters, but brought a valid point of killing bad guys. Sups somehow becomes really powerful at the end, needs more explaining

natasfd f (es) wrote: Deux trs bon ne scene gore, bien rendue avec une putin de photo, bien sentit. Tout les reste est long, contemplatif et dnu de scnario,;....Borring Dollage vraiment, car il y'a des relent de Wolf creek, mais c'est tout

Dave J (ru) wrote: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 (2005) 7 Seconds ACTION Enjoyable straight-to-rental movie which I thought is much more entertaining than some of Wesley Snipes big budgeted movies such as "Boiling Point" and "Murder in 1600" even "Passenger 57". The set up regards a carefully pre-planned heist of several armoured trucks in Romania carrying 20 million altogether headed by Snipes as Jack Tuliver. After sabotaging several trucks, they would use a "7 second" (hence the title) beeper to destroy the doors except that they were all duds resorting them to retreat and then go to plan B. The heist group then succeeded into getting the money on this second attempt but with some inside help except that they were all intercepted and double crossed for this particular group seemed to know exactly which route they were going to take. All of Tuliver's group get shot and killed leaving with one escaping and another person kidnapped who happened to be Tuliver's girlfriend Suzi. A female lieutenant by the name of Kelly Anders (Tamzin Outhwaite) gets in the middle of it but soon feels that the police officer who was shot and killed during the standoff didn't have anything to do with Tuliver and his heist group since after Tuliver kidnapped her, he would then let her go. The rest of the movie then dwells on Tulliver searching for answers by using some relevant flashbacks or the criminal organisation looking for Tulliver since he unknowingly ran away with the most valuable thing the organisation was really looking for which was the thing that was in the briefcase. All I can say is that for an 'action' film, it's not bad since it has some neat looking gun battles, awesome looking fights with Snipes using his Kenpo style against his foes using knives and guns and some car chases without CGI. I mean, viewers know that in real life things like this would've been over quickly but because it's the movies I sometimes like to see something that requires the protagonist to do more than just talk. Much of the movies that garner the most attention and the most receive are normally realistic films such as "Reversal Of Fortune" or "Zodiac" and they're many to chose from but not enough 90's style "action" films and I must say this would have to be another one of those 'guilty pleasure' action movies. 3 out of 4 stars

William L (gb) wrote: Where the first part of the film gave us Che as a hero of unquestionable strength prevailing over incredible odds, "Che: Part Two" reveals a man wading through a losing war, even seeing him at his greatest moments of weakness. It is this contrast that gives the film its spark, covering so much of the man's character with only a fraction of his life recreated here. Scripted and acted very naturally, "Che: Part Two" complements its former half perfectly, together forming an essential biopic of one of the world's most iconic figures.

Dorian J (kr) wrote: Interesting film. Storyline was good, but nothing spectacular. Sutherland did a good job. It was nice seeing Fonda and Weber back together again (Single White Female).

Rebecca H (ca) wrote: This is a Amitabh and Om Puri are excellent in this look at Hindu-Muslim violence. While there are graphic scenes of violence, they are not overwhelming for those who have seen a few war movies. The real story develops outside of the riots, both before and after, and it is well done.

Ron B (fr) wrote: John Cusack will drudge along, putting out four or five mainstream movies, but then will put out a piece of pure gold... this is that gold. This is a masterful film that portrays things in ways you wouldn't think, and goes to the thoughts of many historians: what if Hitler had been an artist?Now, this movie isn't historically accurate, but focuses on a lot of real people, and some of the interactions they had. Arguably, one of Cusack's best roles, and Noah taylor's turn as a young Hitler is amazing. This is a must see for anyone.

Tina A (br) wrote: I find this movie funnier every time I see it! Quirky and original!

Christopher T (es) wrote: Faithful and enjoyable adaptation. I didn't think David Tennant had the requisite Bardian heft, but he pulls it off. However, I still prefer Branagh's Dane. Next up, Olivier!

Edward C (au) wrote: worst Robin Williams movie ever. very disappointed in the entire thing

Yng Y (au) wrote: Imagine Rene Magritte and David Lynch filtered through Alain Robbe-Grillet, nay, this is a superior precursor to Lynchian cinema from which the latter derived!

Helen W (us) wrote: saw this when I was young.Loved it! Want to see it again, and own it.

Kirk Y (de) wrote: I'm a sucker for these types.

Cheryl L (jp) wrote: Quite silly, but at the same time some funny parts. A bit slow overall though.

Grant S (es) wrote: Frankie Dunn (played by Clint Eastwood) owns and runs a boxing gym in Los Angeles, as well as managing some of the boxers there. Working for him is Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris (Morgan Freeman). One day he is approached by Maggie Fitzgerald (Hillary Swank) who wants him to train her. He declines. Undeterred, Maggie joins his gym, hoping that he'll notice her and train. He is equally perseverant, knocking back all her requests to train her. However, eventually she wears him down and he trains her and manages her fight career. Her career goes very well and she now has a shot at the WBA title. Her opponent, the champion, does not play fair though...Brilliant beyond description. Much much more than simply a boxing movie. It's a movie about friendship, looking out for one another and caring for those you love. Wonderful character depth and development and relationship development. Made by a twist nobody would see coming, and an ending that is emotional beyond compare.Superb performance by Hillary Swank in the lead role, for which she won her second Oscar. Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman are also great in their roles - Eastwood got a Best Actor Oscar nomination and Freeman won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Freeman also provides the narration for the movie, and this is always a good thing. The movie itself deservedly won the Best Picture Oscar in 2005 and Eastwood won Best Director.This was to be Clint Eastwood's magnum opus and came in the middle of a purple patch for him. Before this he has made Mystic River and after was to come Flags of our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, Changeling, Gran Torino and Invictus.

Adam R (br) wrote: Not bad visually, but a poor storyline and bad acting make it not worth your while. Very forgettable. (First and only full viewing - 2/1/2017)