Nirmal loses his family in a man-made disaster, he starts the journey of seeking answers asking for accountability which leads him to a deadly path. The journey brings out the extraordinaire out of an ordinary man.

When Nirmal loses his family in a disaster caused by government corruption, he embarks on a journey seeking accountability and revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Madaari torrent reviews

Nahuel T (mx) wrote: No s si la entend.No s si me gust.No s si no me gust.No s.

bill b (ag) wrote: Very well made film. Enjoyable, fast pace, nice music... Weak script but... its an action movie so... script doesn't really matter :) Give it a try if u like action films

Ken F (es) wrote: Yes , it's a pretty generic movie and Tim Allen is no ball of fire but Sigourney is fun to watch. It is a good clean family movie.

Lorin H (us) wrote: This was a fun film, with great music, and well, yeah, I thought that Charlotte Gainsbourg was completely gorgeous, so that also made it enjoyable. If I have any complaints, its that nothing seems resolved in the end. The main character doesn't seem to grow from this experience, and based on his behavior, it was difficult for me to understand why Charlotte would put up with Yvan in the first place. The characters, as opposed to the real people.

Vikram T (nl) wrote: Madhuri as a villan.. go for it

Chris W (es) wrote: Seagal's first and his best movie. Tough, brutal and violentwith good performances from the supporting cast.

Russ B (gb) wrote: Ummmm. I just really dont see the appeal to this. Great stunts or not. Kinda bland and lifeless.

James H (au) wrote: 36/100. I am presuming this was not meant to be taken seriously, I am certainly hoping that is the case. The cast is peppered with both well known and unknown stars, the budget was clearly not very big, and at times it is fun in a campy sort of way, such as the barber scene, but overall the film doesn't really work whether as a serious film or as a parody. It tries too hard to be campy and it comes off as overkill. Especially the score, it is way over the top.I am surprised that Larry Hagman directed this, I guess he was trying to capitalize on his success with the television series "Dallas".

Garrett C (fr) wrote: This is a pretty impressive neo-noir that actually succeeds at some serious suspense scenes. There are times in the film where you feel the pace go all wrong with some extraneous scenes, but overall this is a superb piece of slick LA thriller fare.

Pete G (us) wrote: Gangster film with abit of feeling

Alessio I (de) wrote: Gran bel film, per con un finale pi amaro in stile Friedkin sarebbe stato un mezzo capolavoro.