Madame Brouette

Madame Brouette

Mati, a divorced mother of a young daughter, makes a living selling bric-a-bric from a wheelbarrow and dreams of opening a snack bar. But she falls for the charms of Naago, a cop, and it's only when the Tajaboom festival (at which women and men switch roles) arrives that her opportunity for escape emerges.

Mati, a divorced mother of a young daughter, makes a living selling bric-a-bric from a wheelbarrow and dreams of opening a snack bar. But she falls for the charms of Naago, a cop, and it's only when the Tajaboom festival (at which women and men switch roles) arrives that her opportunity for escape emerges. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (ru) wrote: Ultra-low budget ($5000) indie answer to the Hollywood bromance. And yeah, it's pretty damn funny.

Jennifer G (nl) wrote: I'm a big Jeffrey Combs fan....but alas there are some films he can't even make entertaining. This is one of them. And what the hell was up with the women in this town? They were all either complete morons...or prostitutes....or both. Awful, just awful.

WK J (kr) wrote: You've seen it before.

Drunken Dragon (gb) wrote: The worst movie ever...the worst part is, it's 90 minutes of my life I can't get back! If you haven't seen it...don't waste your time!

Thullin K (us) wrote: This fucking movie gave me a headache!.... the title is rather fitting considering i could not understand what the fuck even the white people were trying to say with their pretentious banter that fly past clever and landed in lame exchanges of un-realstic chit chat! only adam sandler movie i don't like at all.

Richard S (au) wrote: Jia Zhang-ke returns to his hometown for his ambitious second feature. Although he's been well received on the festival circuit for the better part of a decade, I've been slow to give him the chance he deserves. I tried "Unknown Pleasures" a few years back, but wrote it off as another dejected youth film. At the time I'd mostly seen films from the fifth generation of Chinese filmmakers. I was expecting beautiful photography and a focused narrative. As much as it pains me to admit it, my negative reaction may very well have mirrored the initial misunderstanding of certain neo-realist and nouvelle vague movies. I'm not saying that Jia's work is on par with those movements- at least not until I've gone through as much of it as I can."Platform" is a miniature epic. Shot on a shoestring budget, it's a minimalist examination of post-Cultural Revolutionary fallout and a harsh critique of the shallow westernization that followed. It's a film of moments in time, carefully calculated camera movements and well placed ellipsis. It may mean more to Jia than anyone else, but it isn't a vanity project or something entirely insular. His themes are most effective without the melodramatic trappings that go hand in hand with state-sponsored filmmaking. It's also fascinating to see such a lengthy film made about decidedly mediocre kids. Although this was mistakenly marketed as some sort of rise to fame tale, their successful phase is even more banal than the Maoist propaganda of the opening moments. There's a lot of absurdist detail in the lengthy static shots, but the DVD (and my tv) aren't up to the challenge. It'd be a far better experience in a theatre, but that's no longer a possibility. I'll take what I can get- and I can say that "Platform" has, if nothing else, re-inspired my interest in Jia's body of work. I also expect that this'll be a decidedly different viewing experience if I see it again after watching/rewatching his more recent features.

John R (de) wrote: 150318: Perhaps it's my limited exposure to that required me to read the insert and watch the extra features. This film, regardless of my understanding, pulled me in. It is art. It inspired research and I gained appreciation in doing so. Well worth watching.

Lanky Man P (au) wrote: Provides the best horror scene in the industry!

Jim B (mx) wrote: Big props to Dafoe and Sarandon on this one. I had the damn soundtrack stuck in my head for a week.

Eugene B (nl) wrote: With enough humor and solidity in its story, Jackie Chan's Police Story is an authentic Chinese cinematic product. With its groundbreaking action and naturally-performed stunts from the superstar martial artist himself, the film was a step ahead of its time and made for an outstanding performance. 4/5

Mlissa A (br) wrote: C'est bien, mais la finale... S (C)rieusement ?!?

Tim S (nl) wrote: 'Jaws' isn't about a shark and 'Saturday Night Fever' isn't about dancing. The 70's disco scene is simply the backdrop to this poignant coming-of-age story that confronts issues of social mobility, ambition and family. Sure the dance sequences are oozing with cool and won't fail to bring a smile to your face, but they're not what this film is really *about*.John Travolta was Oscar-nominated for his role as Tony, a late-teens paint store clerk who is stuck in a rut. With seemingly no prospects of escaping his dead-end neighbourhood, his one release are his Saturday nights out dancing. By day he is a nobody, by night he is a king. Tony thinks that maybe winning the upcoming dance competition will give him fulfilment. When he meets an older, more sophisticated woman, he is attracted to her for many reasons...Whereas John Avildsen's 'The Karate Kid' ends after the big tournament, for Tony the dance competition brings to the fore all that is wrong with the life that he leads. He doesn't need to prove himself, he wants to better himself. He wants to rise above the squabbling and childishness that he sees around and within his family home. It is significant how Tony knows everything about the bridge leading away from Brooklyn, as though he frequently considers it and where it may figuratively lead. Whether he can cross that bridge to his dreams; whether he can reach emotional maturity and see women as more than just a hobby or a lay; those are the real subjects of this film.Saturday Night Fever was Gene Siskel's favourite film. I suspect this is because of Travolta's success in portraying a genuine everyman, a character whose position to which many people can relate. While the dancefloor scenes (so brilliantly spoofed in Airplane!) and iconic accompanying soundtrack are a real delight, the true pleasure is in watching, and remembering, the struggles on the path to fulfilment.

Robert P (mx) wrote: Ukranian, 1928, silent, avent garde - pushes all my buttons. Admidedly not everyone's cup of tea. But if you want to learn about film, go back to the source. Perfect cinematography, perfect editing, made with verve and passion. Don't reach out for story, just go with it is my advice

Justin S (ag) wrote: Disgrace to a great game