Mademoiselle and the Doctor

Mademoiselle and the Doctor

So, you are healthy (for the most part) and not a burden to anyone, why should you not choose when you can depart this world. Who better that you to say when enough is enough. That's the tough question to answer, but it is put forth in this film as it focuses on Mademoiselle Lisette Nigot. Of course, the easier question is why can't those with a terminal disease and in constant pain be allowed to go? That example is also given and it is harder for a rational human being to deny this individual relief from pain. The right to die is surely as important as the right to live, or maybe it isn't. You owe it to yourself and society to be informed on the question, and this film does an excellent job of doing just that.

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Cecil A (mx) wrote: Most of it is traditional animation in the style of the old cartoon series... however, the voice actors aren't the same, so sounds a little off.

Casey P (it) wrote: so under rated - hilarious - good nature flick

Nick F (fr) wrote: A cute kids movie with Adam Sandler. What could be better?

Brad S (ca) wrote: I apparently enjoyed this more than the critics...i liked it. It was fairly original, fun, and entertaining. It's pretty short and moves quickly. O'Dowd is funny and I always like Anna Faris. Give it a try.

Phillie E (nl) wrote: If Ford wasn't in it, I would've never watched it.

Morris N (es) wrote: Great battle sequences, stunning color photography. Very sad story, told by a master.

Ilja S (gb) wrote: I have some respect for this movie, because it is at least funny, the comedy works. But the plot is so stupid, and the ending is such a cheesy letdown, I can't take this one serious.