Madholal Keep Walking

Madholal Keep Walking

A man's life changes after he sustains an injury in a terrorist attack.

A man's life changes after he sustains an injury in a terrorist attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lanvin L (gb) wrote: Avec Jean-Philippe Carriere (30/10/2013)

Richard L (fr) wrote: Excellent movie and an instant classic. Punk rock will save the planet from peril!

Chint (au) wrote: it's watchably ... average must say!!!

Angela K (jp) wrote: This was a really nice movie about two young teachers... One an Orthodox Jew and the other a Muslim becoming friends... Loved how it embraced their friendship yet respected their religions. Nicely Done!!!

Grant S (au) wrote: Brilliant, innovative telling of the Madchester story.The story of the emergence of Manchester as a major musical centre in the late-1970s and 80s. The story is told through the eyes of Tony Wilson (played by Steve Coogan), Grenada TV presenter/journalist, owner of The Hacienda, a famed Manchester club, and founder of Factory Records. We see the where it all started - the Sex Pistols first gig in Manchester and the emergence of bands like the Buzzcocks and, most importantly, Joy Division. We see how New Order formed from Joy Division and later we meet the Happy Mondays... Wonderfully entertaining yet edifying. It helps if you're into bands like Joy Division and the Happy Mondays, as I am. Even if you're not, it is worth watching to gain a better knowledge of musical history and the importance of what took place in Manchester in the 80s.This movie could easily have degenerated into a dry, linear history lesson. However, director Michael Winterbottom keeps the audience engaging and entertained through many innovative methods: breaking the fourth wall, humour, Wilson's narration and some interesting visual effects.As you would expect, there is a lot of music in the movie, and it is all great. Well chosen and timed too, as the music gives the movie its momentum.Solid performance by Steve Coogan in the lead role. While mostly a dramatic role, there are quite a few comedic moments, and Coogan is in his element there. Good supporting cast too.

Kyle M (it) wrote: Director Danny Cannon's attempt to adapt a British comic book series resulted to be a wasted, mindless shot with a style of "Blade Runner" meeting John Verhoeven's futuristic directions with similar contents being used. Part of the "mind" is that Rob Schneider was probably casted at the last minute of desperation, but did fit the film's comedic side of buddy cop situations next to Stallone - who by the way was let down by the film's ways even though he likes it when he's usually good. (C+)(Full review probably coming soon)

Jae L (kr) wrote: the movie changes too much of what the book was about, but i doubt you'll ever say any movie with nicholson and streep was a waste of two hours. in a case like this, watch the movie before reading the book, because the book holds more value & worth than the film does.

John S (jp) wrote: Brilliant imagery, mesmerizing music, fantastic performances, ingenious parallelism, and extremely interesting. I know this sounds really perverted, but i really loved the nudity. Not for the reasons one would think, but because it was not exploitative at all, and was in fact, the opposite (whatever that is). Flesh and the human body is an underlying theme throughout the film, and you can really sense the "humanity" through all of the nudity. I also loved how the subplot with Eva and the professor complemented Mary's story very well, and it was very clever in it's parallelism. I'd give this a 100 if i didnt' feel somewhat disoriented through the whole thing. I don't know if I got bad subtitles, but I was feeling quite confused through many parts, and things weren't really clearer after the credits ran. But upon retrospect, the vagueness is slowly withering away, and my fondness is slowly growing. maybe in a few days, ill change my score to a 100. Godard is so good, it's ridiculous.

Luca Maria M (kr) wrote: A bad copy of the Exorcist. Until it manages to stay away from the Exorcist territory, in the first part, it's not bad and makes the audience hope for a fresh view on this subject, but after that it gets so similar to the 1973 picture in its core element (the old wise priest and the doubtful young one), in the ending (the ending is different here but something very similar was hinted in the last part of the Exorcist too) and even in some dialogues that's impossible to avoid a comparison. The reference is so evident that Anthony Hopkins' character says, at one point, "were you expecting spinning heads and pea soup?", meaning that the creators too were aware of that. The problem is that this movie loses completely the confront, so i couldn't understand why they decided to play the same game of the Exorcist instead of trying something different and original. It's not scary, it has undevelopped and uninteresting characters (Anthony Hopkins, when he's not redoing the Hannibal Lecter kind of character, manages to create some tension in the climax but Colin O'Donoghue has the same expression from the beginning till the end. Besides that, I couldn't understand the reason for Alice Braga's character to exist, apart from doing the mandatory motivating speech to the "hero" before the aforementioned climax) and it's visually boring (it uses the orange-blue color scheme in too many parts, for actors eyes bulbs too, making it boring).

Bandy Z (es) wrote: Excellent. The bad reviews are not to be trusted.