Raj is wealthy and a womanizer and his lifelong friend Goldie is a self made pop singer. Goldie tries to make Raj realize that women are not mere objects of desire, but with no results. Raj...

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Madhosh torrent reviews

Doris K (us) wrote: Quite possibly one of the worst comedy movies I've ever seen.

Kenneth B (ag) wrote: The most impressive thing about Mike Bassett England Manager is that the expectations of the nation are curbed. A lesser film would have pandered more to the stereotypes. At the end of the day (sorry, horrible football cliche there) this does what it says on the tin and it does it fairly well.

Rob V (gb) wrote: the fatal attraction and magic of chess.

Adam O (jp) wrote: Where did Sinbad go?

Zack T (gb) wrote: This movie is a masterpiece! It rivals Silent Nigh Deadly Night 2 as the worst/funniest movie of all time. Every moment is hilarious!

Jason M (it) wrote: I'm dying for the bluray of this.

George R (br) wrote: Yul Brenner and Marlon Brando in the same movie. What fun! And, suspenseful too. Looks like 31 Days of Oscar is going to last much longer.

Krista B (de) wrote: A good movie, although I'm not sure it's worthy of all the praise it receives. Christopher Lee's performance is fantastic, and it is quite an effective '60s chiller - but many of Scream of Fear's plot devices are a bit convenient and feel poorly planned. Nevertheless, it's a solid movie that I'd still recommend to Hammer horror fans.

Chris W (jp) wrote: pretty good for a while...