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An Indian Intelligence agent journeys into a war torn coastal island, to break a resolute rebel group. He deftly maneuvers his resources to make significant breakthroughs, amidst a scenario where the enemy has no face and the only counsel is 'Don't get caught.' At various junctions, he meets a charismatic and passionate journalist who is following her will to reflect the truth behind the civil war. The story unfolds as their quest for the truth reveals a deeper conspiracy, by a faceless enemy, united to seize a common nemesis - India.

An Indian Intelligence agent (portrayed by John Abraham)[9] journeys into a war torn coastal island, to break a resolute rebel group. He deftly maneuvers his resources to make significant ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panos M (jp) wrote: ?? ??? ?????? ??? ????????????? ??? ????? ??? ????? ?????? ??? ????. ????????? "????????" ??? ?????? ??????, ? ????? ????????????????? ????? ??????, ?????? ?? ??????????? ??? ???????? ?? ??? ???????????. ??? ???? ?? ????? ??? ????? ????????? ????????. ??'???? ??? ??????????. ?????????????? ???? ???????? ???? ? ??? ???. ??? ??? ?? ??????, ?????? ???????? ??? ????: ???. 9/10

Robert H (nl) wrote: There is a lot of good to be found in this low budget scifi film but for every bit of kudos one can give, there are some poor pieces of work.The story, while not entirely original is quite enjoyable and well told with some decent acting thrown on top but it tends to start falling apart the further into the film you go (which happens often enough with time travel films).The CG involved is better than expected for the most part but recycling the same footage over and over seriously enhances the low budget nature of the film.The film makes good use of budget by keeping the number of sets used down and the set design is above par when it comes to these types of films but I still can't get over the fact that there's wooden walls, highschool lockers and the ceiling has wooden beams in their "crew quarters" in their space ship!Honestly, there is so much good going on in this film (considering its low budget nature) that I'd like to overlook and not nitpick on some of the lesser issues but when I could fix them all for under $2000, it just shows you that there either wasn't enough planning in this film or they just didn't care.

Dexter L (kr) wrote: Really enjoyed this clever, entertaining college vampire comedy! Solid writing and strong performances from cast including Gary Cole, Julie Gonzalo, Matt Mattson, and Alexis Knapp. Be sure to check it out!

Matt C (mx) wrote: I really love Peter Mullan but jeez I thought this was utter dross. Stereotypical Scottish lads spend 2 1/2 hours telling each other they're going 'ta cut em arreet ya wee c#nt?!' Dull beyond belief, as much character on display as watching Rabb Cee Nesbit.

Ryan H (es) wrote: I haven't seen The Ice Storm yet, but I thought Lymelife was pretty fantastic. It's a solid coming of age tale about a kid in high school who's stuck in the middle of a suburban life falling apart in the 70s. He is in love with the girl he grew up with. His father is screwing her mother. Her father is sick with lyme disease. His mother is depressed. His brother comes back home from the military to seem like the beacon of hope. But we know from the story that no one is perfect, everyone has their flaws. What I really enjoyed about Lymelife was the flow. It mostly felt natural. All these stories, yet the Martini brothers never forget to view it from the perspective of Scott. Timothy Hutton puts on one of his best performances as well. Why do people not use him more? He was so great in Ordinary People, but he can still act! And the Culkin brothers together was perfect casting. I'm not too sure about Alec Baldwin (no matter how much I like him, I just wasn't always convinced with his performance). But he did have a great scene when he smokes with Scott. Lymelife never offers a simple answer. Life never has simple answers. Some things are just messed up. People have their flaws. But you just have to keep pushing through and find happiness somehow.

Shayna P (es) wrote: Hilarious and feel-good comedy

paul s (es) wrote: A Danish film from 2001 billed as a "romantic comedy", Italian for Beginners is not really a comedy at all, but a nice introspective look into our hearts and minds, where all are looking for something and find it through and because of community. Filmed in single camera style, this has that low budget indie look to it, with some very abrupt editing as scene after scene cuts to tell the stories of a group of charactors in a Danish town. Dispite the editing and film style the director does a very nice job of keeping your eye interested by subtle use of closeups - not necessarily of faces, but hand gestures and such. What makes this film fly is earnest acting and a wonderful story that shows the viewer the many charactors and then weaves them together through not only a series of funerals, but an Italian class (hence the title). I felt that the way in which all the charators seemed to move in their own arcs and yet all came together was reminiscent of The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, from a decade earlier. What this film has going for it, is its honesty and the almost brutally naked way in which the charactors are portrayed - just real people, living real lives. I can't really give a shout out to the actors - as it's often hard to get into nuance when you're reading subtitles - and I often found it surreal to be reading along and then realizing that the charactors had switched from speaking Danish, to speaking Italian (which they had learned in the class). However I will say that, while there are no big emotional scenes (except one which I will mention in just a bit), the lonliness and ofttimes dispair comes through easily. There is a wonderful dramatic scene that speaks volumes about the heart of this film (and why it really isn't a comedy at all). The parish Vicar has recently lost his wife to cancer, and while he loses his parish, he is allowed to stay on and live in the vicary. When the new priest arrives, he cat calls through his sermon, saying that God is an abstraction. When the new priest later confronts the old vicar, the old vicar states "God took my wife, and my wife took my God". A wounded soul if ever there was one - and the new priest can only respond that the vicar needs to move on with his life (assuming that God will right all wrongs, etc). This is all he can say, as he has recently lost his own wife - and FOUND God in the process - a contrast between light and dark, optimism and the abyss. Not the stuff of romantic comedy, is it?

Aaron G (ru) wrote: Downey Jr. is absolutely spellbinding as Chaplin... but this movie chooses to focus on his endless stream of women, thus making the whole thing feel a bit flat and insignificant.

Sam S (kr) wrote: inexplicable masterpiece. bresson's most stylized and unusual film is also his most haunting.

Kyle B (de) wrote: A cute, sweet road trip movie with winning performances from Tatum O'Neal and especially Madeline Kahn. Great screenplay and gorgeous cinematography

Sunny W (mx) wrote: If Botox can aid in Depression (see PubMed) then why can't plastic surgery change criminal behavior?

D Rocco A (kr) wrote: forget the stars Alan Curtis or even Carmen's sister Aurora the film's stand out actor is Ella Raines, view it and you tell me.

Robert B (jp) wrote: Miserable story with zero laughs.

Blake C (jp) wrote: Though this movie is timeless, it hasn't aged very well. When I used to talk about this movie, I would no doubt give it a 5/5, but after re-watching it, I'm giving it a 4/5.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: The soundtrack is the only thing that's remotely good, The film itself is too corny, Silly and boring.

Christina P (br) wrote: I love Justin Bieber and I'm a firm Bieber believer and I feel that everyone makes mistakes when your young the important thing is that you learn from it and I feel that he has

Tricky R (jp) wrote: Just sat through this piece of utter trash, and can't help but feel I've lost two hours of my life. Transformers would have been a more entertaining watch than this. I can give you a plot synopsis right here:A dreary old man hears about the body of his,old girlfriend being discovered in the Alps. He considers going to see her body, but his sour faced wife convinced him he's too much of a cripple to go. After all. They have some anniversary party on Saturday. Anyway, there's a fairly disgusting sex scene, in which he can't seem to get it up (though I can hardly blame him). Later in the night he's caught looking at a picture in the loft, presumably jerking off to it. He shows his wife the photo, though we never get to see it. A few twenty second shots of rustling leaves, the couple huffing, puffing and looking mournfully around, wandering aimlessly around the house, driving without speaking, smoking, walking the dog, reading and fixing the balcock are sprinkled throughout this dull feature. Turns out the husband got this foreign girl pregnant, and didn't tell his wife. So she confronts him angrily... For some reason? As if he was wrong to be grieving after the discovery of his ex's dead body. They eventually go to the party, and it finishes with Rampling crying after a dance. That's it. It's essentially a 15 minute section of a soap opera dragged out for more than two hours in an attempt to appeal to the stuck up, artiste critics, who predictably gave this dreck brilliant reviews. If you aren't a pretentious git, this movie will not interest you. The most interesting thing that happens is an old, leathery sex scene, which, if you really want to see that, you can always find online.