Madre amadísima

Madre amadísima


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Eliabeth R (kr) wrote: Que basura de pelcula, no sabes si es comedia, terror, drama, o una imb (C)cil mezcla de todas las anteriores, solo fueron interesantes las mini historias dentro de la trama, creo que ni para ver en casa

Brady S (ru) wrote: Some of the shoot outs are fun to watch bit as whole it doesn't make it much a fun movie or anything around that.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 (2005) Roll Bounce DRAMA Great rollerskating set up storyline which could've been better! The plot has underprivalege underage street kids entering a rollerskating contest! The actual rollerskatings are some of the main highlights of this film and does have potential until it was ruined by a fake finale involving camera trickery mixed with some bad acting. In other words great first half, really poor second half! If more practice amongst the actors was allowed while performing some of these moves could've been a winner but was cut short because of either the film's budget or the time to get this film finish! 2 out of 4

Greg W (gb) wrote: larry david's mgr goes behind the camera in this com-rom

James C (es) wrote: Much loved. I regularly return to watch it.

Tony W (us) wrote: Le film <> est bon pour les gens qui aiment regarder les films avec un grand choc. Mais, il suffit de dit qu'il y a plus d'un choc dans ce film. Dans le dbut, nous sommes introduire d'Anglique, un tudiant d'art qui est tomb d'amour avec un homme, Loc. C'est innocent, non? Mais, Loc avait une femme. Il y a beaucoup de moments o il ne fait pas de sens, dans sa relation, comme quand Anglique a invit Loc a un voyage Florence, et il a refus elle, pour rconcilier avec son femme. C'est trange, parce qu'ils sont, selon Anglique, amoureux. Mais, dans le deuxime partie de le film, il est rembobiner, et l'histoire est raconte dans le point de vue de Loc. La vrit? Anglique est folle, et elle avait une condition, l'rotomanie. Puis, tous les vnements de la premire partie ont commenc de faire sens. Il y a beaucoup de prfigurant, mais, c'est un choc trs grand. Le deuxime choc, dans la fin du film, je vais laisser pour les spectateurs de dcouvert.

Dan M (nl) wrote: Quirky little movie this. John Cusack is perfect in the lead role, the soundtrack wasn't too bad and Dan Aykroyd's presence was nice. But... not something I'd choose to see on my own again, a total 'meh' for me.

Catherine m (jp) wrote: I think that Rafe Spall was uncomfortable as the romantic leading man. And for sure the script did not give him much to do...besides going skinny dipping.

Chris Z (us) wrote: One of his best movies...finally got it on DVD

Carabo P (ca) wrote: Sin palabras... Que su otro ttulo sea "Los marcianos invaden Puerto Rico" lo dice todo. Bueno, he soltado varias caracajadas... X-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Sally H (fr) wrote: Tense, absorbing drama with excellent performances, particularly by Attenborough as the adoring and controlled husband. Perhaps a little slow in places but well worth watching.

Jayden (it) wrote: ....................