A vegetable vendor takes care of an elderly woman and her two young daughters, but he has a dark past that wants to catch up with him.

Madhuravel (Vijay) in the first half is Madurai, a vegetable vendor along with his friend Pandu (Vadivelu). Madurai is a do-gooder and protector of the family of Seetha and her two daughters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor L (us) wrote: Canadian movies have such messed up plots. But, pretty girls + fighting = good entertainment.

Heather C (ru) wrote: Horacio Camandulle brings an authenticness to Jara, a soft-hearted, insecure supermarket security guard with flashes of temper. He works the night shift and one night sees Julia (a cleaning woman in the store) on the security camera. The film (from Uruguay) is sweet, but pushes the limits of plausibility a bit far in Jara's "crush" on Julia, which borders more at times on creepy obsession, as he spends all of his free time following her. Ultimately, though, Camandulle's gentle performance keeps you rooting for Jara instead of hoping he gets slapped with a restraining order. For every overweight guy pining for a skinny girl, there's an overweight girl wishing he'd notice her instead. I found myself wanting there to be a similar twist at the end of this story, but it stayed pretty true to the formula.

Deadly V (gb) wrote: Another John Cena action-er that is not a total bomb

Bengel W (ag) wrote: This movie shows that the USA has become nothing more than an international bully. It is brilliantly acted and shows the harm terrorism has actually done to the so-called-but-no-longer-free-world. Tears shed for both sides as in the end; death in horror is heartbreaking and pointless. Very well portrayed! Nibbles: Pickled Mushrooms.

Gordon R (it) wrote: Excellent story about an angered naval officer who must tell his story to a Navy psychiatrist. This endearing film is based upon a true story.

Russ B (ru) wrote: 7/17/2016: Wow, what a horrible movie! Sometimes bad movies happen to good actors, but this was ridiculous! Not the least bit funny and generally over the top idiotic.

Andrew S (br) wrote: Although predictable, it did have some funny moments.

Jonathan S (ca) wrote: It's far better than War.

Mike W (mx) wrote: Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are hilariously funny!