After plunging her car into a river, a woman encounters a man who helps her come to terms with her life.

After plunging her car into a river, a woman encounters a man who helps her come to terms with her life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Maelstrom torrent reviews

Will H (us) wrote: I was surprised at how much I liked this. Very simple story, VERY well told.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: Wow! What an achievement! This movie reminds me a lot of "Zero Day". Only this movie has much better development and more interesting characters. The slow but disturbingly fluid transition from dark comedy to audacious social commentary is shocking to watch unfold. Really incredible work from a young filmmaker with a VERY bright future!

Ashlyn K (mx) wrote: good movie magical wish my 16th bday was like that

Danny H (au) wrote: Directed and produced by Master P. Written by his son Romeo. Starring Katt Williams completely strung out on crack. Master P favors a directing style built on the gritty directors of the 70's, like Martin Scorsese, allowing the actors to go "method" and improvise much of the dialogue. What results is a gritty but coherent and often hilarious film that went straight to dvd only because Hollywood is too scared that giving it a theatrical release would make people demand movies of this caliber all the time. Watch it with the whole family!

Amanda H (au) wrote: I couldn't seem to get into this movie, and it had very little to do with the fact that it was subtitled. It just never seemed to go anywhere. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind for it, but this was far from being one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Chris W (mx) wrote: I wasnt expecting much from Tremors 4 but it was enjoyable enough.The plot wasn't anything new, which is fine.You should watch this if you liked the previous films, but if not you'll probably turn over halfway through.

Bob (fr) wrote: Superbly written dialog and great comedy as well

Rose (ag) wrote: A great coming of age story

Lindsay S (kr) wrote: Mmmm, kind of corny. The best actor in it was little Mischa Barton, ha ha. The story was kind of creepy, and the ending was weird. Could have been worse.

Mithun G (ru) wrote: The only Winterbottom film I've seen which tugs at your heartstrings.

Alex r (kr) wrote: Sequel to Teen Wolf is not the film that it could have been. This film is poorly constructed and has a recycled plot from the first one with a different lead actor and setting. The film had an interesting idea for its plot, but the filmmakers seem to be going through the motions and don't have anything exciting to offer. The film is just dull, boring and stupid. The fact that Michael J. Fox is absent from the film makes this a bland affair. There's really nothing new going on here, and Teen Wolf Too is just a poor sequel to a comedy horror classic. The result on-screen is a film that just doesn't have anything interesting. This film just tries to cash in on the success of the original, and it does it very poorly. This film was horrible, and doesn't have the magic the first one had. The first one was cheesy, but it was lots of fun from start to finish. However this film is just too predictable, and add to that a bad cast, a poorly written script that just isn't interesting, and you have a bad film. Stick with the original, although cheesy, imperfect and corny at times, it was a fun film to watch. This, on the other hand is just a failed attempt at building on the original by using old ideas instead of using something new. This is just a tiresome film that isn't worth your time. Jason Batman has done much better than this, and he does what he can with such a poor script, but ultimately it ends up being a dire, predictable and boring film that you just don't care about. Watch the original Teen Wolf instead; this film is basically a rehash of ideas previously explored in the first film. You're not missing much by not watching this.

Lucy W (mx) wrote: Great film, i used to watch this as a kid and i loved it back then, now i love it even more it's a great laugh and even my anthony enjoyed it :)

Tyler S (ag) wrote: Good cinematography is the highlight of this very predictable movie, with its strange somewhat attention grabber title. It's Lincoln killing vampires.There really isn't much more to it.The movie is unique in the way it takes one of the most famous commander in Chiefs of all time, throws in historic accuracy, and adds the fact he kills vampires for a living. Despite the absolute absurdity of it all, it's still somewhat entertaining it combines a historical icon with creatures of the night.Very average film

Brodie A (au) wrote: Bronson is based on the true story of Britain's most violent prisoner, Michael Peterson, who later transforms himself into Charles Bronson. Tom Hardy is the leading actor and does an incredible job of playing the erratic criminal who simply loves to fight. Bronson loves fighting prison guards. The prison eventually gave up and sent him to a looney bin. After a major mishap at the looney bin, they declared him "sane" and sent him back to prison. He's spent 34 years behind bars, 30 of them have been in solitary confinement. This movie is highly entertaining. Tom Hardy continues to amaze me with his acting abilities and the fact that Charles Bronson is a real person blows my mind. The guy is completely crazy and fascinating.

Matthew A (br) wrote: Wasn't terrible but wasn't great, acting was pretty bad and it hasn't of the typical cliche scenes. I do not understand the Confederate troops and their big heart for the slaves, I thought they were fighting to keep slavery. 3 stars

James H (au) wrote: The Shallows is another visually stunning film from 2016. I loved Blake Lively, she is as compelling and likeable as she is beautiful. Of course this film is very far fetched but it's there to entertain you, not make you think. This could be the best shark film since Jaws (which isn't that impressive but still).