Mafia Junction

Mafia Junction

The Superbitch uses her body to deceive and manipulate men to get what she wants.

The Superbitch uses her body to deceive and manipulate men to get what she wants. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve G (gb) wrote: scary funny I guess since the big 4-0 is rapidly approaching

Mary N (kr) wrote: I suspect this is a movie making a parody of the "Getai" culture. Not good to watch this movie after a 12k. Ending was too cheesy (purposeful or just needed to be edited out). Maybe if I was more familiar with "Getai" I may have better appreciated this movie. The costumes were comical...literally jumped out of a comic book.

Alicia M (gb) wrote: I had some good laughs, but it missed something...

Chris C (ru) wrote: you have to really like crispin glover to want to see this movie. it has slugs that scream, real loud. i liked it though

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FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: Well made but just not my cup of herbal tea

Rebecca (mx) wrote: This is a sweet romantic comedy.

Paul O (ru) wrote: The search for Spock - Finding Nemoy

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BRUNO V (nl) wrote: Story oke , the acting was poor ...

James S (us) wrote: James Corden adequately portrays Britain's got Talent's winner Paul Potts, in this comedy biopic. I was surprised that an entire film was based around Potts, although there was probably enough to warrant this reasonably short film. Despite it being a very easy; and somewhat charming watch, it can't be rated higher than I have as it ultimately failed to excite or particularly interest me.

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