When Harsha, a bike stunter from Vishakapatnam, accidentally meets Indu, he discovers his warrior life Kala Bhairava in his last birth, the remaining story portrays how Indu and Kala Bhairava are connected.

A bike stuntman recalls his previous life as a warrior, and pursues his love's reincarnation. A sinister figure from their shared past threatens to separate them forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Magadheera torrent reviews

Pathrik J (ag) wrote: Steven Seagal hunts vampirecannibalzombies in a dark hospital with a samurai sword and a shotgun. This should be EPIC! Why does it suck so horribly?!

Rebecca B (nl) wrote: I happened apon this movie without ever knowing anything about it. I couldn't stop watching and wound up caring for the characters and crying during some scenes and laughing out loud in others.Bravo!

Britany B (ca) wrote: the only thing that this movie offers is a good laugh.

JeanPhilippe L (ag) wrote: Le meilleur film de James Gray.

Craig S (kr) wrote: don't dare me to watch it, the truth is it probably sucks

Jordan S (au) wrote: I watched this film at least a dozen times back in the early 90's on cable. Loved it. Want to find the DVD. Where is it?

John F (ca) wrote: I first saw this movie when i was thirteen, i was starting to experience my first, y'know feelings (blush) this film just dealt with the central relationship so sweetly and like the title just carried me away on it's whimsical feel. The first film i ever fell in love with. See sex lies and videotape for my first serious relationship with a film (ha ha.)

Jamie C (it) wrote: Even based on true events most films like this like to add more action in places but Ridley Scott focuses less on the action side on more on the story telling side, And it is told very well, With a very strong cast lead by Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe who were both fantastic, It doesn't drag as much as you think given the running time but maybe sparkles of action wouldn't of gone a miss, Having said that the ending was good and the whole tone of the film was great too, It's far from you average American drug gang films but it's up there with the best.

Steve S (au) wrote: this film is most likely the worst film ever made. trying so hard to be grindhouse, it fails in every aspect imaginable. first off it doesn't know it's genre. to type it, i'd say it's a vampire/werewolf/zombie movie that throws in aliens at the end to try and put a twist, which is garbage. the best actor in this was ron jeremy, who has literally a two minute scene. awful waste of time.

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