Magic Flute Diaries

Magic Flute Diaries

The Magic Flute's all pervading themes of love and betrayal, reward and retribution, coupled with the encompassing power of Mozart's brilliant score have given rise to a motion picture set ...

The Magic Flute's all pervading themes of love and betrayal, reward and retribution, coupled with the encompassing power of Mozart's brilliant score have given rise to a motion picture set ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (br) wrote: Filme de Camboya nominado al ?scar, reconozco su importancia documental pero que aburrido esta.

Chris G (gb) wrote: Part1 of a 2 parter. Good kung fu, funny comedy and a little love. Take your time and enjoy this one.

Hugh J (ru) wrote: It's a decent flick with a great performance by Famke Janssen but the whole melancholy vibe doesn't sit well with me. Especially the end. Just a lot of shit that didn't need to happen, which would have prevented it from going down the way that it did. Shame.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: Pretty cool crime thriller, but it still fails to fully engage me. While there's still a few great set pieces, it ultimately feels a bit like it's trying to hard...

Vonnie B (mx) wrote: Yes I loved it!!! I like the twist of the time machine and the "scifi" action and adventure he took for love. the basic concept of what measures one will do for love.. .

James H (es) wrote: 4.5/10. The ultracheap production completely distracts from a reasonably good story. The decent cast does a good job, but when they don't have much to work with, their efforts are in vain. There are some suspenseful moments, but again the production is so poor, it ruins it.

Mikey R (it) wrote: Amazing movie, every minute is more and more intriguing.

Jojo H (it) wrote: A great adventure movie that has something to offer for every age group.

Mark K (gb) wrote: Really not much funny here.

Jon P (es) wrote: Humanoids from The Deep is a classic example of a high-concept horror that delivers more thrills, spills, laughs and chills in a quick reading of its plot synopsis than it does in a strained viewing of its hour and a half of cinematic shortcomings.Men dressed as the cousins of The Creature from The Black Lagoon venture onto land to mate with - usually topless - teen chicks. Which is funny, in the odd inventive attack sequence which sees the critters crack through the floor of a pier and terrorise a funfair. And then not funny, when you suddenly remember how much you enjoyed laughing at that initial plot synopsis in comparison with how much you enjoyed that one mildly entertaining scene.Humanoids from The Deep is colourless tripe, padded with rehashed bits of Jaws, abrupt monster rape scenes and the odd bit of crap dialogue. Think bad bad Roger Corman, not good bad Roger Corman.

Liam U (us) wrote: Begins with lots of naked 70s bodies again, before trying to incorporate a ludicrious plot. It isn't long before everything descends into a silly farce, although it is interesting and quite humorous seeing a young David Hasselhoff.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: God, I love this movie. It's such a blast!

Jesse L (kr) wrote: Beguiling in style, thrilling in story, captivating in performance, its legacy, reputation, and influence speak for themselves. But film history aside, it's just a good fucking movie.

Daniel P (kr) wrote: Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong gives the original a visual update while retaining the epic, engrossing story that made the original a classic.

Simon D (au) wrote: This is the first Agatha Christie story I've seen and I'm not really impressed. The formulaic way in which the story unfurls was very basic indeed. The whole set up was totally unrealistic too. I tried to overlook these flaws but it didn't get much better. The only interesting part was mystery but it should be more than that really.

Jessica P (nl) wrote: This is a great movie. Amazing performances all around. Very intense.